11 June 2014

All Smiles for Pinkie Pie

Two days after we moved in here at our new kingdom, I saw on my Facebook news feed that Toys 'R' Us Philippines will be holding a meet and greet activity with Sophia's favorite characters ever - My Little Pony! Remember her 5th birthday party held in school? So of course, hindi na pinag-iisipan 'yang mga ganyang bagay. Hehe. Even if we still have to unpack around 20 boxes and fix our new abode, R and I decided to go to Eastwood on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I didn't plan to buy anything but because there was no formal program set for the meet and greet, I just bought her a crown wand so she won't feel she was actually waiting. I made her wear her My Little Pony shirt from Babies and Kiddos (aka Bug & Kelly), like what she did when she personally met Sofia the First. I asked one of the salesclerks on what time will the meet and greet happen and she said that the mascot was about to come out. I felt the excitement all over my body when I saw in the backroom that it was a huge Pinkie Pie!

She's my girl's ultimate favorite, as in. Nateary-eyed nga ako, muthers, haha! Sophia, on the other hand, was giggling and shrieking in delight. R got to record it on video but I wasn't able to have a copy so I might ask him to upload it for me on YouTube. I really want to share that moment with you. Ang cute lang kasi. It makes my ride on this mothering thing more enjoyable. ♥

She hugged Pinkie Pie's legs, tail and touched its face over and over again for about 10 beautiful minutes. She wanted to sing the Smile Song to the pink pony but I told her that Pinkie Pie might not hear her song well since there are other kids who wanted to have a photo with it, too. I thought that she'd make a scene to get her way but no, she made me feel I'm doing something right when she surprisingly said "okay, 'Nay!"

My husband and I were immensely proud of how understanding she can be. In fact, whenever we are in a toy store and we will tell her that we will just look around and not buy anything, she's one of those awesome kids who won't throw a tantrum. I can brag about that trait of hers nonstop. She deserves more My Little Pony treats from us so I hope for more blessings for this blog and my freelance career so we can give her the things that can make her smile. 

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