04 May 2018

Motherhood in the Time of Hashtags

I don't know about other moms who are also into social media like me but I am one of those who find joy in using a specific hashtag for my girls. #Sophiabulous for the tweenager, who knows how to work it for the camera ever since, #Samantharrific for the baby, who usually gets a great response from our followers because she's really cute and #SophiaxSamantha for all the times my girls are together in one photo. The latter also has videos, you should check it out!


Well, I do that to basically collate their photos for easier searching in the hopes of having them printed out in the future. I used to include a lot of unnecessary hashtags on my posts to get likes. It used to be helpful for the community but when I started getting spammy followers and comments, I stopped doing so. I now use ones that are legit and are also used by moms I follow; like #lifewithdaughters, #thebigkidyears, #kidsofinstagram and #babiesofinstagram. I get organic likes from real people. Not that it's rewarding or whatever but I just don't like using hashtags for my kids that do nothing for the post. Unless it's a funny one like those paragraph-worth of hashtags, just use the legit ones if I were you. 

Speaking of hashtags, have you read my post about why #mybabymyway should be the official hashtag of your mom life? You should if you haven't! It's such a controversial topic among moms, especially new ones. Well, I said what I wanted to say in that post so I'll just leave you with this cute video my girls and I made for BabyLove Premium Gold Pants, which by the way has 50% off on all their products for Shopee's 05.05 sale event! SHOP HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook: Click here!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BabyLove but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love using hashtags too.. kasi mas madali hanapin ung photos because of them... nag iisip pa nga ako ng magandang hashtag for ella.. hehehe