28 April 2018

Sophia's McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop Experience

Sophia just finished her first summer activity as a McDonald's Kiddie Crew member yesterday. At first, I thought it will just be an ordinary experience for her but turns out she really had a blast. Sulit our Php 695! She just didn't get her McDo t-shirt, bag, apron, cap, chef's hat and notebook but she got to eat there, too – for 5 days! I thought nga that McDo didn't earn anything from it but naku, the parents and guardians waiting for the kids can't help but buy talaga. Guilty mom here for having iced coffee vanilla and spaghetti and chicken and cheeseburger. LOL.

We enrolled her in the branch near us; it's the most calm store among all McDo stores in Marikina. Not that there's no foot traffic but it's situated beside Palmera Center, an exclusive subdivision in Marikina Heights. I expected the kids (and their guardians) to be just a peaceful bunch. But of course, there will always be rowdy boys and adults who do nothing about it. Ha! And please don't start with families who are always late. I mean, Sophia's schedule was 1 PM but there was one family who just kept on coming 30 minutes after... from Day 1 until the grand graduation. I actually didn't care but they have distracted the kids from what they were already doing for each day they came in late. Worse, they are so entitled to having their kids' photos taken. Sorry if I sound so rant-y, moms! I know this is like a regular thing in your kids' schools – annoying mommies, that is. But I'm not just used to it after two years in Sophia's school. Parents there are empathic and decent.

Anyway, enough of my rant! What mattered most was my girl super enjoyed it. Sure, the food at McDo isn't the healthiest – we are not denying that – but her Kiddie Crew experience definitely taught her to enjoy camaraderie even with kids who aren't like her. She's now at the age that doesn't need daily reminder to fix her own things. She also knows how look after herself. I guess, our timing was perfect. Had we made her try this few years ago, I've been so stressed with sharing and obeying issues. That's what I hope parents will always think before they make their children join such activities, to ensure that their kids are open to doing it. I don't like seeing kids forced by parents to do something they are not really interested to do. 

So, is this activity Royal Domesticity recommended? YES. Sophia was still in a routine even if it's summer. My girl isn't actually bored but to see her do things on her own because it's her responsibility if she gets late is a pat in our backs as parents. 

I posted more photos on my Facebook page - CLICK HERE! For more details about the workshop, check their website at www.mcdonalds.com.ph

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