31 May 2018

Life Lately: Hating Postpartum Hair Fall

As most of you know, I just gave birth. It's my big excuse to be this big. Well, I haven't checked my weight yet. I don't want to feel pressured to lose some extra fats, lol. Maybe when baby Sammy starts to eat solids, that's when I'll do something about my size. For now, I'm happy. What makes me really annoyed, though is postpartum hair fall!

Shameless no make-up selfie with my badass shades and that dreadful bald spot! 

My fallen hair is everywhere! I see it on my pillow, in the shirt I'm wearing, on the floor, on the bed and worst, in baby Sammy's neck. It's that ridiculous. But what can I do? It's part of having a baby! I feel so bad for looking at my poor head slowly going bald. The best thing I do now is to tie it up. Oh, how I wish I have these lace wigs from Divatress to use in the meantime! It can automatically make me look like I actually have time for myself. I mean, look at that!

She and her hair are gorgeous.

This is one of my most favorite hair pegs ever, wig or real. It's so chill and chic at the same time. Well, according to a lot of articles online, my hair will grow back eventually after the baby's 6th month. That's in a few days, I can't wait! 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Divatress but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. My Aunt, who has gave birth a year ago, used organic shampoo and conditioner during and after pregnancy. It helps. Hindi siya naghairfall unlike sa first born niya.