03 June 2016


Living near the foodie capital of this city surely has perks. It was one tiring day after our weekend errand for Bebeng's Kitchen when we had dinner at Nicandro Lutong Bahay in Lilac Street. There are many restaurants in the area that we still have to try but it was one of those days that we were craving for, well, lutong bahay.

Then I remembered that I saw my cousin's post on Facebook that they ate there. I asked him if food's good and he said the kare-kare is a must-try.

And so we tried their kare-kare. Also, an order of squid calamares to pair it with. I'm not an ace food critic but yes, the kare-kare was good. The plating wasn't so nice (it wasn't in a usual bowl like in other restaurants) but the taste was above average and that's what matters most, right?

In other news: From the outside and upon entry, the restaurant's aesthetic is noticeable. It's perfect for Instagram fanatics like me - the ceiling fans, black drop lights and brick wall. Unfortunately, when a place isn't clean - a food hub at that - all my Instagram giddiness just easily goes away.

Muddy foot prints, sticky tabletop and tissue pieces scattered on the floor. The comfort room was the worst! I really feel bad for the owner of the restaurant. I overheard one of the lady staff mumbled to her colleagues in reply to my "ay ang dumi ng CR" - "hindi naman tayo ang malulugi, pagod na ako." One of the girls took the mop and wiped the floor tiles in the CR and that's what she also used on the floor when the customers seated in the table beside us spilled their drink.

Well, the place and the food were more than okay but wow, customer service sucks. Sayang. I wish the owners will get to read this and take action immediately. But I think medyo there's a chance that we will go back, I want to try their other food pa eh. Have you been here? What can you recommend?


10 Lilac Street SSS Village
Barangay Concepcion Dos
Marikina City
0977 803 2476

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  1. Love the ceiling fans! They could be Asahi brand or something.