17 June 2016

Father's Day Videos

I like that with the advent of social media, Facebook most especially, we can celebrate Fathers' Day with touching videos. Alam mo na, palagi na lang tayong mga mommies ang mas special, mas magaling, mas busy at mas commendable in the parenting department. Here in our humble kingdom, though, it's my husband who gets the royal treatment from our daughter. Eh kasi minsan lang silang magkita. So habang ako ang default niyang basurahan, cook, fashion consultant at entertainer, it is her father who rules her world. Minsan nagseselos ako, hehe. But ang totoo niyan, natutuwa ako because I strongly believe that a girl who has a good relationship with her father will be an amazing woman when she grows up! Kaya ngayon na malapit na ang Fathers' Day, marami na tayong makikitang videos on Facebook that show what real good fatherhood is.

Here are some of what I've watched with my girl.

Here's the tissue, I know you need it. 'Di ba lang, crayola festival? Especially that Max's short film by world-class director, Brillante Mendoza! It all gave you that lump in the throat. Or watery eyes. Or like me, you bawled like a hungry toddler. Pero friends, para sa akin, ito talaga ang best sa kanilang lahat. As in, winner cordero. Enjoy!

To my Cpt R - continue making pancakes with our girl. 
She will always remember that. 
I love you even if you sometimes teach her to be like 
my silly highschool classmate during our sophomore year - you. 
*rolls eyes and pinches you painfully, haha* 

Happy Fathers' Day to all we call tatay, itay, papa, daddy, dad, 
papu, pudrabelle, pudraks, pop, daddio and ama! 
Without your sperms, we are not here and so are our kids. xo

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