07 June 2016

Moved Up, Moved Out

My girl will be starting her 2nd grade in another school this month. In my That Terrifying Mommy Moment post, I shared the security issue of her past school that sealed my and R's decision to move her out from there.

As for the core reason why, here's the gist. 

Some time in November, Sophia came home with a marken pen stain on her PE shirt's left side. She said a boy classmate stabbed it on her when she got the pen holder from him. According to the teacher and my girl, it was time to pack it away but since the boy was still using the pens, he stabbed the one he was holding to her chest that left a blue stain. I managed to removed the stain with my laundry skillzzz but you know, I think I will never forget the pain it caused me. The incident blew up into something worse when I posted the photo in my personal Facebook account. I didn't know who told the principal about it but I was friends with some of the teachers then so maybe they told her. When the principal called me for a meeting, I thought that she was about to secure me that my daughter is safe in her school or that she has talked to the parents of the boy and that they were willing to apologize in the boy's behalf and all. I was wrong. In the middle of our emotional conversation, I felt like a kid reprimanded by my mom for posting something hideous on my Facebook account. Yes, I know it was wrong to put it out there but for me, she could have not delve on that because that was not the issue. 

To cut the story short, it was never resolved. Well, I no longer talked to any of them about it. It was then that R and I decided that we'd start to do ocular visits to potential new schools for our daughter.

On her previous school's Moving Up Day ceremony, despite heavy heart, we went with my mother-in-law, all dressed appropriately for the occasion and expected nothing (read: an award). It has become a yearly thing that she bags one or more recognition for her exemplary work since she started school in 2012. But that time, we went there to just formally end her journey as their student. So we were a bit surprised that our 7-year-old still gifted us with a Visual Spatial Award. You're amazing as always, babe.

Now that the new school year will be starting soon for her in a new environment, we only wish that she will become what the school wants their students to be - a woman of faith and action.


  1. Ay if I we're in your shoes girl, gyera kami ni Principal. Your post is out of the question. It just shows that she is more concerned with the reputation of her school than the child's safety!! Good decision to move your daughter out. I have a 2 year old and I am already scouting for schools (takte ang mamahal!!!). And I really hope hindi kami mauwi sa ganyan.

    1. Naku, super mahal na talaga! That's why I think alternative education for those who can't afford it must be encouraged. Say, there should be homeschooling volunteers who'd go to the less privileged areas to educate the kids who can't go to proper schools.

      As for this issue, my husband and I realized that maybe it was God's way of opening our eyes for what's in store for our unica hija. Nakaka-amaze na kasi after all the school-related incidents, we've been blessed with wisdom on how we should manage our money para mapag-aral namin sa big school ang bagets.

  2. In what school did you transfer your daughter? How as it? Thank you.