15 September 2012

Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

I never really liked a man who has cleaner toenails than I do. I had few boyfriends from the past (naks!) and they are all what you call typical male species. More than two over-the-top movements and they smell like they should take a bath; you can't pinch them in the face because your hands will just slip from too much oil. Those are the kind of men I fancied before. Well, it didn't change. 

R, 6 years ago
I married a man who doesn't care about what products to use for his body. But he practices proper grooming. Good thing he was trained in the academy to do so - proper haircut (not dancer-ish from Eat Bulaga), clean fingernails (trust me, I have seen a lot of men with super dirty fingernails, some even have their pinkie nail grown so long: GROSS.), primped shoes (he can't leave the house with muddy and dusty shoes. Cute.) Those are just normal things a man should do to himself and I'm lucky he's not lazy to NOT do it. Sometimes, we go to a salon for a footspa. And I always tell him not to let the salonlady use that pink toxic thing on his toenails as it'd look so fake. His big ginger-ish feet with pink toenails? Bad, bad sight.

Nowadays, a lot has been said about a man's sexual preference when he sings an Angeline Quinto song or when he has polished nails or if he's wearing skinny jeans. Others call it metrosexual. I call it choices.

I really don't care about it. Others say Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby are gays, I think maybe because they are too good to be true. Such pretty men. Critics have said that because of these kinds of men, mankind has been going to a different route. A lot different than what we have during the early decades when men are the hunters and women were meant to stay at home. 

What I think the society should focus on when it comes to preserving mankind is the gentlemen's inner masculinity.

A real man should know how to respect women. A real man loves his family more than his car, gadget and sports. A real man values friendship and not just drinking sprees. A real man shops for the clothes he really wants (the hot army officer learned to do serious online shopping for some cool shirts, btw). A real man doesn't pick up fights. A real man doesn't need a gang to defend himself. A real man tells the truth. A real man washes the dishes. A real man goes to church. A real man wears pastel colors (especially if it's summer). A real man carries her baby. A real man loves his job. A real man says I love you if he feels like saying so. A real man cries. I have seen a lot of men afraid to take care of themselves like a woman, in the fear of being labelled as gay. 

Much like the new campaign of Kojie.san Men, PRESERVE MANKIND. We could do the "preservation" by letting the men be themselves regardless if they wore hot pink pants with their neon top. It's definitely an eyesore but if he comes home early and teaches his younger siblings their homework or massages his mom's tired back, then he is the REAL MAN.


  1. I read this post with hubby. He kept nodding when we got to the part of what a real man is. Haha! We totally agree!

    At natawa ako sa plucking photo ninyo. I make hubby do the same thing except that I make him wax my underarms. Haha!

    Coffee With Kim

    1. OMG, Kim! Now lang ako naka-reply. As in, after four years, haha. And nawala yung plucking photo. :( Sayang.

      Oh 'di ba, hindi pa tayo nagkikita nito. Nakakatuwa! ♥

  2. Ngayon ko lang nabasa to.. maraming pgkakapareho si Hubby mo kay hubby ko.. tulad ng hindi mkaalis kung marumi ang sapatos hehehe