11 September 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday: What Really Matters

When I was younger (I'm basically young as I am only 28 but years, years back), I only gave importance to the things that make me happy. Mostly material. Mostly pink. Mostly laughing friends. Mostly romantic boys. Now that I feel that I'm wiser and stronger, I have learned to know the things that matter most. Mostly non-material. Mostly pink but shared with my daughter. Mostly friends, laughing or whining about how talkative I am. Mostly my husband - sometimes crazy, sometimes snobbish, sometimes romantic. Real, simple and delightful things that can definitely make you experience what life should be all about. As the poster above said, it shouldn't be at the mercy of the things that matter least; things, which can be non-existent at all. 


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    1. Thanks Kimberley. Will put your blog in my blogroll. :)

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    1. Thank you SP! But when I read my post again, it somehow didn't sound right. Haha! :D