23 September 2012

Four Years of Wisdom

Dear Sophia,

When you were still inside my womb, I already knew you will be a handful. You don't have at least a quark of a gene that will make you the most behaved kid in the universe. You cause riot and hyperventilation to all the people around on whatever place you go to. Your teacher's description about you is so you --- bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You can be the real Energizer bunny, baby. 

Six Months and Having Fun

Up until you were about to sleep tonight, you made me feel like I'm such a terrible mom. I can't make you say po and opo to me. I guess because you think that there's no po and opo in the English language. Actually, you're right. But you are a Filipino. I can't even make you mano to Mama Amor & Lola Leny. Maybe you think they will feel old when you do that. Let me tell you honey, they are old whether they like it or not. So, please just do it without me instructing you. I do it all the time even if I just finished doing my business in the john. They won't know, don't tell. Or at least say hi, especially to Mama Amor; instead of "you have my lubong, Mama?" Mama Amor is not a courier or a factory of biscuits, she's your grandmother! She gave birth to your Tatay. She was proud of you when she read your assessment. And little girl, when Lola Leny gives you anything; whether it's a shower gel, a new dress or a bunch of bananas, please say thank you. My mother worked hard for that dress or shower gel or bunch of bananas. Have a heart. You make me feel like I didn't teach you that. 

One-year-old Cake Monster!

Okay, I know you are only four and that you still have a year or two to at least read what I wrote for you here. And probably five to six years before you completely understand my point. You are my daughter. I will never, ever make you do or let you feel something that can cause you pain. You would experience a few bumps on the road with your journey with me, but those are life-changing lessons. You won't be the brave and strong girl that you would be without those. As much as I would like to shelter you from things that could hurt you, it is inevitable that you will cry. Buckets of tears, my emotional little diva. You might debate with me someday, that some moms love their child in a different way. But I am not them. I am me. You see, I don't let you watch news yet; as I know in my heart I can't explain those things to you when you ask me why there are blood on that woman's body. Unlike other moms who are proud that their tots watch TV Patrol intensely. Please have your cartoons forever, in the meantime. I know you won't complain. However, let's stick to our rules, no? If it's not Tom & Jerry, you can't glue your eyes on Cartoon Network. Actually, Tom & Jerry can sometimes be nasty, but Oggy and the Cockroaches are worse. Oh no, don't try to whine! That's mandated by the higher office --- your father. 

Two-year-old Character Actress

Speaking of your father, he is not just a playmate. Well, he comes home every now and then when he can, so do not think of him as just a picture. I can see your eyes gleam with delight whenever you see him here, that I know you are in-love with your look-alike. You can't deny that, sweetie. The ears and the rambunctious attitude make you a little Ramon, hence, Monique. You two are my most favorite persons. But when you two come together, on the bed, inside the room --- I can instantly hate you both. You make my job as a domestic helper tougher. Can we all agree that once you mess up the bed, we won't go to sleep? Jeez, I'm stuck. I know you like sleeping late. Girl, if you want to eat your breakfast, you have to sleep! Or else, it'll be called midnight snack. 

Three-year-old Ballerina

Sigh. You are growing up too fast. We were in the supermarket and instead of asking for a hotdog you pointed to a broccoli. You are beginning to astound me with your choices of food. You love macarons, adobo and broccoli. You are definitely a little foodie. I just hope one day you won't ask me to cook steamed mussels for you as I don't eat those. I thought I would be too lazy to cook because I don't have an audience whom I could fish compliments from; but now you are beginning to be my food critique. I hope you won't get tired of my menudillo, pininyahang manok, sweet and sour tilapia, ginataang sitaw at kalabasa, tuna spaghetti and your most favorite --- pork adobo. For now, these are the dishes that can make you look like a teenager eating and tired from a soccer practice. I hope that after a few months, I could introduce you to a wider variety of viands. Say, ginisang munggo? I love that paired with fried daing na bangus. I want that, 'nak. Pretty please?

My Four-year-old Slipper-less Bystander

Nanay wants you to be a better version of herself. I can't demand you to be a prim & proper lady as I am a babaeng-bakla. But I guess it can be more fascinating to see you talk in more mannered way than I do. You are a pretty girl. No doubt about that. So if you will arm it with intellect, grace and faith in God; I know that wherever you will go, you will be okay. That's too early for me to wish that for you though. Let us think of something attainable. Hmm. Here, for your 4th birthday, I wish that you'd wear your slippers without me telling you about germs going inside your feet. I know you can do that! How about a new pair of Hello Kitty flip flops if you would grant my wish? Fair deal, right? 

I love you my wisdom. ♥ 

Regretful I scolded you tonight before bedtime,
Nanay Bebeng


  1. Awww...so sweet...Happy Birthday to your baby Sophia!

    Now, reading your post makes me feel a bit guilty. I actually let my four year-old girls play around while the rest of the household watch TV Patrol. Inaabangan kasi namin yung Princess and I.

    1. Haha! You don't have to feel guilty about it, Marianne. :)
      As long as you can explain to them what's happening on the news when they ask you. Ako kasi, I know I can't give a realistic but GP explanation about the matter.

  2. happy birthday pia! more blessings to come! :)

  3. Bebeng. I shouldn't be reading letters of this kind during this phase of my pregnancy. I'm an emotional wreck! Can't stop the tears bakla. Anyhow, you did a great job. Pia will be proud once she's read and realized what you've written. Katawa ung 2-year-old character actress!

  4. Happy birthday Sophia! Such a heartfelt message from your mom :) you are one lucky little girl!

  5. This is a very touching open letter to your daughter. Got all teary-eyed. I feel your sentiments as a mom. Best! :-)

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