27 September 2019

11 Things Sophia Said

My firstborn is quite a chatter. I really wonder where she got it from! Haha, fine, my genes must have something to do with it. In fact, when she was a baby, not even turning a year old yet, she can copy whatever I or her father say. It was the cutest! But now that she's a pre-teen who actually has a reaction to anything that's happening around her, it can be pretty annoying. So yeah, cute isn't exactly a good word to describe it.

But of course, it also means that her responses can be funny just like when she started talking non-stop. And for her 11th birthday, here are 11 memorable things Sophia said.

1) “Parang ngayon ko lang na-realize na 11 na ako. Gosh, old na ako.”

So what does she think of 35? Like, dying old already? 

2) “So we just talked about our favorite subjects. Hers is Math. Catherine’s naman is Science. Mine is PE.”

Her school had an interaction with public school students and they talked about their favorite subjects instead since they can't talk about their personal information. I was surprised she said PE! Haha, I always thought she loves English and Arts.

3) “Nabasa ko sa Instagram...”

Funnily, Instagram is like her encyclopedia of life lessons. She would blurt out that line whenever she'd quote  a proverb that resonated with her. Or share with us a fun fact, which isn't exactly a fact! lol

4) “Hanap ka na lang ng pagkain. Magpataba ka na lang kesa magpalandi. Subukan mo!”

This was Sophia's threat to her father when I mentioned that I'd rather see him get hooked with playing golf than be idle and thought of having another woman to play around with. You see, I really doubt he'd ever try doing that, not because he loves me so much but because he has two baby girls he can't afford to fight with. He can't handle them, for sure.

5) “I want to be your best Ate in the world.”

The first thing Sophia said to Sammybear when we got home from the hospital. I will never forget this. Watch it!

6) “Hindi naman ako GGSS or something ha pero bakit kasi ang oily niya?” 

Real talk, she doesn't like it when people tell her she looks like her father haha! And when I reiterated it, this was her catty response.

7) “Sayang ang food kapag pagkatapos mong kumain eh tatae ka kaagad.”

Oh, my foodie-in-training loves eating as much as my husband and I do but feels bad about it when she has to do number 2 immediately after a meal. I mean, she has a point, right? Haha!

8) “Ang gwapo ni JC De Vera, parang ang bango ng neck.”

Hmmm... at least she has already set a standard in men: should be mabango the neck! LOL

9) “Na-hurt po ako pero okay lang.”

Aww. My highly sensitive child is learning to be tough because no matter how I teach her to be kind and compassionate, there will always be people, those who even lived before us, who would always compare her with others. Sigh.

10) “Ayokong nag-aaway kayo kasi ang boring ng bahay.”

It's as if she lives with ghosts when my husband and I fight. So whenever she sees us on the verge of a heated argument, she would butt in and say, "oh, mag-aaway na naman kayo." Thankfully, most of the time, it calms us. She truly is our source of wisdom.

11) “Nanay, can I cellphone?”

Ladies and gents, she has her own phone. And old one of my husband's that we gave on her 10th birthday ;last year but because of hard-headedness, she can't completely use it as she pleases. So this is a question she regularly raises on weekends. I don't know if I'd be mad or laugh at the wrong grammar. :')

Happy 11th birthday to my bestfriend, teleserye buddy and milk tea baby.
You are the reason why my life has changed for the better. 
I love you like the ddu ddu ddu.