19 March 2018

So I Just Finished Watching the First Season of Santa Clarita Diet

Although my mom brain isn't working as it should be right now, I will write about this (whatever you call it – review, sequel excitement, Netflix addiction) before my own thoughts pass me by. Fine, I'm cradling my baby to sleep and won't put her down even if she seems to be snoring already. Yes, it's a lame excuse but blogging keeps me sane. This blog is where I can write my insinuations about life that I can't tell anyone but I wish I should. Like, my husband brings his phone with him to the bathroom. You hear me? Err, read me? Non-issue basically but he poops more than two times in a day and it's not cute anymore especially when he will suddenly stand up, declare he'll go number 2 when I'm about to tell him to do something for me (i.e., a house chore). LOL. Please tell me your husband does that, too so I won't feel so bad about myself. 

I love that my husband is a responsible provider and a loving father but that little I-will-poop-with-my-phone-several-times-in-a-day excuse just keeps me off sometimes. I let it slide all the time, though 'cause again, it's a non-issue! Humans are made to defecate and I completely understand that. Plus, arguing about poop doesn't sound like what two matured people should be doing. 

However... Sorry, no however anymore. Mom brain's malfunctioning a bit now. I had coffee earlier at 5am when my firstborn left for school but since I just fed my daughter Samantha with what a lot of moms call as the only best thing to give your babies (but really, there are other best things), I'm famished. I might grab something unhealthy to fill my ugly tummy so I can feed the healthiest milk to my baby. Oh, no? Mom bloggers shouldn't say that? Where is this going, by the way? 

That's basically what Santa Clarita Diet is to me — funny and seemingly pointless but truthful in reality. 

Lines were written with educated hilarity, if there is such a term. I like that you won't roll on the floor with laughter, instead let out a few ha has, but you will actually think about what a character just said. Each character has its idiosyncrasies, each of them represents all of us in some way. In fact, I wanted to have my firstborn Sophia watch it especially when Abby finally realized that she has to be selfless. But my girl's only 9. I don't know how the language can affect her. No, she's not a saint. She watched Atomic Blonde and lots of non-GP rated movies with us already. I just really didn't want to share this show with her, that is all. 

You see, Santa Clarita Diet may be a typical entertaining series about an undead mom (because the term zombie is so yesterday) but really, it's an amazing piece to get lessons about family issues from. I won't be posting spoilers here but just in case you would like to watch it before the Season 2 gets live on March 23rd, watch out for Joel and Sheila's subtle bantering about marriage and parenting. They are all of us. 

Come to think of it, we funnily call ourselves mombie (a zombie mom) for having no sleep at all but what if we become truly undead like Drew Barrymore's character? How do you think your family will take it? I know that my husband can kill bad people for me just so I have fresh meat to eat but what I'm actually wondering more is how he will kill me in case I go feral. 

Alright. Putting the baby down now so I can stuff my face with brownies and whatever. Bye for now. Wait, just to let this out – I'm so happy smartphone, the internet and Netflix were invented. I don' t know how I can manage my dull SAHM life without them. 

PS - This is not sponsored by Netflix but I really wish it is so people from Netflix PH, hello from this mama.

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