03 March 2018

R's Birthday Lunch at Sambo Kojin Eastwood

If there's one thing that can make my husband R forgive me should I made him mad, it has to be my laing or some fresh,  raw and expensive fish. With my homecooking, I guess you already know that by now especially if you are one of my longtime readers but with fish – well, yes, he has deep appreciation for sashimi. It's safe to say that it is his ultimate favorite food! So for his birthday last month, we went to where he can eat a lot of it without spending a lot.

The sashimi monster was overjoyed, apparently.

I asked on my Facebook page and IG stories for suggestions and recommendations on where to go. There were a lot who suggested Sambo Kojin because of food variety and having the birthday boy eat for free. Well, after some research (aka checking its rating in Zomato and reading other people's experiences), we went to Sambo Kojin in Eastwood City a day before his actual birthday.

I wasn't able to take photos of all the food that we had 'cause I was carrying my baby Samantha (2-month-old at that time) almost the entire time we were there. She wakes up everytime I put her down in her stroller. I later realized that there was an air-conditioning unit near us. Since we can no longer change our seats, I settled with just carrying her the entire time I was eating. 

I'm sure a lot of you moms can relate to this.
She was my human placemat, haha! So I just asked her big sister Sophia to take some photos when she was done with her food. Funnily, though, the ones she took can't be posted. We were both lol-ing when I showed her the elbows and tummies of people eating that photobombed the food she took. I told her to remind me to teach her the little knowledge I have about food photography.

To be quite frank, Sambo Kojin is just another buffet restaurant that expectedly fills hungry tummies. What made our experience special, though was how we enjoyed commenting on each other's appetite! I mean. Pang-3 meals yung kain namin, especially R. Sulit na sulit yung bayad! We weren't able to try all the dishes pa niyan ha. Just a few of those that looked appetizing to us. Aside from the sashimi that he devoured from start to finish, he also enjoyed grilling meats and veggies. Nakaka-happy to the point na gusto na namin bumili ng electric grill for the table at home.

When we were having desserts but almost in food coma na kami, we were talking that it's a place na masarap balikan. We have tried other buffet restaurants; most of them have that suffocating aura. Masikip tapos maraming tao. Parang hindi nakakatuwang kumain. Sambo Kojin in Eastwood has spacious dining areas. There were a lot of guests the day we were there but the place was still calm and collected. The waitstaff are quick to react pa. Simply put, we will be going back. 
Here are a few things that you need to take note of if you are planning to go there:
  • Best to reserve seats beforehand. If you are a walk-in, better if you arrive at the place before 12nn to still get seats for you and your companions. 
  • Yes, you can bring a baby in a stroller. The place has a lot of spaces for that. Just tell the people at the reception area to not place you in the tables at the center. 
  • I was able to breastfeed in peace without judgy people awkwardly looking at me. Again, the place is spacious enough so hindi masyadong magkakalapit ang mga tao unlike other buffet restaurants. 
  • Kids below 3ft are free, 4ft pay P330, 4' up to 4'6 pay P380. Weekend price for adults is P888, lunch and dinner. Birthday celebrants can eat for free. 
  • Drinks are unlimited and included in the fee.

If you need more information, you can check their website at www.sambokojin.com

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  1. Been there (SM southmall branch) for about 5 or 6 times but still I haven't tasted all the food yet. Very wide ang choices and they alao have promo for the graduates ��