03 August 2018

Samantha's First Six Months

Our little ball of sparkle has started to learn to scream. No thanks to my yelling when her big sis decides to rebel without a cause. Or maybe it's just a phase. I'm still hoping she'd turn out to be a fine lady as how it matches her feminine beauty. Oops, how can I forget that I'm no lady myself? She does not have anyone to epitomize so why will I expect her to be one? Oh, to be a mother of girls.

Well, my baby being a lady is such a topic too far from today. Can we just talk about how her drools amuse me? Or how she wanted to fall from the bed agonize me I have actually dreamt about it? Such a magical experience to feel – this stage of having a baby after 9 years of believing we will never have a child again. It was Sophia's prayer answered in the most unexpected timing. If you haven't read my post about it, click here and please come back. Will ya?

Yes, you've read it right. Our sweet Samantha is a rainbow baby, a baby given to us after a loss. Our new hope, a symbol of a brighter tomorrow. She is as special as Sophia, the one who taught us to better ourselves. Allow me to share snippets of her first six months of giving us significant joy.

1st month
Among all the six months, I can now say that this was the easiest. She only cries for three things, for when she's: Sleepy, hungry or needs diaper change. She wasn't a fussy one-month-old. I had a very typical struggle on breastfeeding but nothing disheartened me.
2nd month
This stage was exciting! Sammydoll showed signs of the genes that she got from her momma. Boy, this baby can talk for hours! And so early in the morning, too. 
3rd month
Gummy smiles and no audible laughter were ever present when she reached this month. It opened my mind to welcome that our tiny one is indeed growing up. I held on in all her waking moments as if it can make each day lasts longer than it should. 
4th month
Samantha has started to show more emotion but I'm glad that a little coaxing (okay, in a sing-song voice and animated gesture) made her smile for the camera. Especially that time when a diaper brand from Thailand launched here in the Philippines and got us to promote them! BabyLove Diaper is this blog's first major baby brand partner. Thanks to our effervescent endorser. 
5th month
Proud Sammy kept on rolling this time. She was unstoppable and so eager to explore the bed. I tried to slow down our days by seizing each moment. 'Cause I know I will wake up one day, she' s all grown-up like her big sister. Oh, my heart. 
6th month
I can't remember how much saliva my firstborn, Sophia had when she was this age but gosh moms, Sam had a lot. Like, it can wet her shirt, my shirt and the bed. Drooler of the Year? Yes, she was and is until now. Teething is sweet but menacing. Good thing I discovered about Matchstick Monkey silicone teether and PUR's pacifier. Those two helped her a lot.
And those were our Samanthariffic's first half of a year! There are still six more to enjoy before we stopped counting her age in a monthly basis so we shall savor and embrace each moment before it passes us by. Before I end this, though, we just like to share that Sammy's diaper has a huge sale happening on Shopee until Sunday. SHOP HERE! You must try it, thankfully made my bubba sleep longer as she should. 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabyLove but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Awww. Very precious baby. Like my daugther too. Hehe. 😍😍

  2. Hay, ang cute mo Sam! nakakagigil ka. <3

  3. I'm one of the loyal reader sa social media and i always look up to you, Ms.D 😊 Inaabangan ko talaga ang blog kasi andun talaga lahat 😘 Ang bilis lumaki ni Sam naalala ko nung December na pinanganak mo sya buntis pa ako nun nakaka-excite sa part ko na makita na din ang baby ko 😊 tapos nagpost ka na may nagagalit sa instagram puro si Sam na lang nakikita nila hahaha grabe sila hahaha nakakatuwa naman kasi after ilang years bago dumating si Sam kaya talagang nakakasabik at nasa kanya talaga ang atensyon di'ba 😘 more blog please.