17 April 2018

#MyBabyMyWay Should Be the Official Hashtag of Your Mom Life

My firstborn will be turning 10 on September. That also means, I will be celebrating my first decade as a mother. I claim no expertise on parenting yet but if there's one very important thing that I can impart with new and upcoming moms, it will be this – refuse to raise cookie cutter kids. While it is best for baked goodies, it isn't for children. There is no exact formula on how our little humans should be reared. Each family has its own way, each family is different. However, I strongly believe that our choices as parents reflect the way our kids will be in the future so I hope that we will be more careful in giving what is "best" for them.

How about I share my stories about some of the controversial parenting topics that actually caused a lot of mom battles, caused so many mama dramas? Are you ready to fight me – er, read it? Game. 


When I had Sophia in 2008, I was clueless about almost everything. I just went with the flow and followed what my doctor advised. After 9 months of her rollercoaster stay in my womb, she said came out through my vagina without epidural. Nine years after, while I was on labor with Samantha last year, I remember shouting "CS, please" to the doctors. Well, they ignored me. No epidural for me again. LOL.

You see, even if vaginal birth is what deemed by many as *normal*, I wanted to go to the more tedious path because I just wanted to no longer feel labor pains. And there's the proof that I can be stupid sometimes – CS is three times more painful once the baby is out!

Here's what I have learned and realized: Both have pains – vaginal's before the delivery, cesarean's after. Cesarean's more costly, though so if your budget's tight and your pregnancy doesn't have complications, vaginal birth it is. After all, pain is a necessary evil to anything beautiful.

PS - It took my body 3 weeks to completely heal from the ectopic pregnancy operation I went through in 2012. Each body reacts differently. What may be easy for you may be difficult for some.


Well, my story's simple. I fed Sophia formula milk since birth until she was about to go to preschool. She turned out happy and healthy. However, I noticed that viruses easily get into her. As much as I hate to admit it, she has low immune system. She needs extra care. As in, lots of rest and lots of food. So for Samantha, I decided to breastfeed her. Not only for its health benefits but basically because buying cans of formula milk can cost us Php 10,000! Breastfeeding only costs us more food for me, which isn't exactly a bad thing 'cause I'm always hungry! And yeah, nursing clothes. Can someone find me a sponsor, please? Teehee.

Here's what I've learned and realized: If you are a stay-at-home mom like me and don' t have medical reasons to back up your excuse for not breastfeeding, please have a heart. Breastfeeding is good for your husband's salary.


I don't know why this has to be fought over. Sure, cloth diaper is environment-friendly but how about the electricity your washing machine has consumed for the many times you need to do the laundry? How about the time wasted in washing and folding the cloth ones instead of resting or cuddling your child? I'm happy for the moms who have survived using cloth diapers (as in lampin, not the expensive ones) since day one but I am more than happy to use disposable diapers for my children. My sanity is the most important benefit that our family has gotten from using disposable diapers. I can't imagine having to wake up several times at night just to change diapers over and over and over.

Thank heavens for the invention of the disposable ones! Make sure, though that what you make your baby use is made of good quality. Some babies get easily disturbed when they feel their wet nappies. That's what I noticed with Samantha. Her big sister wasn't like that. Sophia can sleep through the night whatever quality of diaper it is. But for little Sammy, it has to have the perfect protection. I know – what a princess, right? So glad we've found out about BabyLove Premium Gold Pants!

BabyLove is a quality diaper brand from Thailand. Its premium line has double premium gel lock layers especially made for superior long absorbency, and really cute outer design that features the countries Japan and Russia. It perfectly fits baby Sammy that even if she is already mastering the art of rolling over, I wouldn't have to worry about accidental pee coming out of her nappy. I also love its top sheet that softly touches her bumbum. I get to sleep longer at night now (5 hours straight, mamas, woohoo) since I started using BabyLove. 

Here's what I've learned and realized: Like what a lot of the sensible mom influencers I follow have always said – your baby, your rules. And with my latest blog partner, BabyLove and I think that the hashtag #MyBabyMyWay should be the official hashtag of your mom life. I just hope, though that your decisions would only come from the love you have for your child.


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This post is sponsored by BabyLove but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. wohoooo! i will join for my son :) Thanks momshie for this wonderful giveaway :) GOD bless u more. happy blog anniversary, more years to come

  2. You're right. #mybabymyway will set boundaries because sadly many moms think it's ok to share their "opinion" even when it's clearly shaming other moms. Hopefully boundaries will help them respect parenting choices.

    It's my first time to know about Babylove and I'd love to try it out for my little girlie. Good to know they have pants!