Hi, you. I'm glad you found this little space of mine and decided to get to know me more by clicking the link to this page. Allow me to indulge you with my royal and random ramblings about my life as a military wife, mom and freelance home-based worker homecook.

R's smitten, Sophia doesn't care and me being me. Where's the hairbrush?

First, what do I write about?


Royal Domesticity is a lifestyle blog focused on real, delightful and simple family living.

SOPHIA. The girl, previously known here as Little Bebeng or LB, is the heart, soul and ingrown of this royal quark in the blogosphere. This has grown into a full-blown virtual version of our family's life because of her. Her school, activities, movies, food, friends, likes and dislikes can be found here. This is hers in the future, maybe; a biography of sorts. In fact, I've once dedicated a regular feature that has her weekly photos that's called The 52 Project. I think she won't mind, she seems to be enjoying the attention. Solo child syndrome, perhaps? I know, right? But please note, I'm not spoiling her, I'm just giving her all the love that she deserves. A little disclaimer: While I shamelessly and lovingly write anything about my daughter, I still prefer to selectively do it. Royal Domesticity strongly believes that my child's safety and security is what matters most. 

However, I'm all about sharing our experiences that can benefit my readers such as how I celebrate Sophia's birthdays, the activities that can help enrich your children's cognitive, social and emotional developments, and my thoughts about parenting that you might relate with.

R. There are times that I also write about my husband and our geographically-challenged, sexually deprived marriage. Why the latter label? I'm a military wife, he is a Philippine Army officer. He is currently assigned somewhere hours of travel away from us. So yeah, military wives serve this country by sacrificing our sex lives. How sad, haha! Anyway, we were classmates in our sophomore year at Marikina Science Highschool but we only became friends when he already graduated at the Philippine Military Academy in 2006. Thanks so much, Friendster. If you want to know how we started our love story, you might want to go here. Warning: Cheese overload, read at your own risk. 

Lastly, I write about anything woman: clothes, shoes, bags, make-up, showbiz news, malls, restaurants, friendship, PMS and get this - food. Lots of it! I share recipes of the favorite dishes I have cooked for and shared with my family, I write about our experience in the restaurants that we have dined in, and my baon-making stories.  Yes, I'm the #baonserye mommy.

Now, let's talk about me. *clears throat*


My name is Denise Redrico Rayala. We are temporarily back here in San Mateo, Rizal but I was born in Quezon City on 1984. I don't know how to introduce myself in narrative anymore so in the meantime, here are some quick fun facts about me: 

  • CURRENTLY: Taking care of our new baby
  • FAVORITE APPS: Instagram and Netflix
  • GUILTY PLEASURE: telenovelas
  • QUOTE TO LIVE BY: Damned if you, damned if you don't.
  • GREATEST INVENTION: Aside from washing machine, Google definitely.
  • FAVORITE COLOR: Pink; fancying black and white lately.
  • DISH I CAN COOK WITH MY EYES CLOSED: Chicken Adobo and Kiddie Style Spaghetti
  • SHORT-TERM GOAL: Get a frakkin driver's license!
  • GO-TO OUTFIT: Black shirt, jeans/black leggings and flats. And my personality, naks.
  • FOR ME, BLOGGING IS: Not for everyone.

You can also read these 32 Things that I wrote about myself to celebrate my 32nd year in this world. Finally, I've been featured in some of the major parenting sites and in top mommy blogs  here in the Philippines.





If you have more questions about me and the blog, please do not hesitate to email me at deniserrayala@gmail.com or see my photos on Instagram and aspire with me on Pinterest. Don't forget to like my fan page on Facebook, too! ♥