30 August 2019

Making My Ukay-Ukay Find Look New Again with Ariel Instashine

I'm not an expert in fashion and finance but I know where to go when I need to look decent without spending too much! It sure is a feat to explore ukay-ukay shops but I tell you, once you score an amazing find (read: the style you love + super affordable price), you'll get hooked! And boy did it happen to me. I was in college when I have managed to look like the 6th member of Spice Girls with my outfits worth less than 200 pesos. Aside from getting in the Dean's List, dressing up was in my top priority, lol.

But now that I always have to stick to a budget (wais na misis moves, yo), shopping for my clothes has been classified as extinct. Hence, going back to exploring ukay-ukay like I used to. This mama loves looking good no matter how busy she gets, you know! Good thing the shops in the nearby city are fully air conditioned and are now located safely in the main road (sa madidilim na streets in Manila sila marami dati beshie, so scary hehe).

Anyway, since I have recently discovered the new product by Ariel, I thought that I'd put it to a test with my ukay-ukay find! Let me tell you this guys, if you love their Power Gel (because I super do), you'll love Instashine, too! It has big beads called Power Boosters that actually do its job in making old and stained clothes look shiny new again.

This product is expected to do well. I mean, it's Ariel! Not to hardsell ha, it's just that I have to be honest with you. Some people in my online community said that this new Ariel Instashine is a bit more expensive than the base powder. Well, it's specifically for old and severely stained clothes kasi. Kaya siya mas mahal ng konti. But think about the money you can save by not actually buying more clothes 'cause you can use the ones you already have and make it look new again. 

I mean, look at this!

Awesome, right? So if you really can't resist shopping like I do, make your inexpensive pre-loved finds look brand new with Ariel Instashine! Watch my video on IGTV to see how amazing the new Ariel Instashine is! (click here)

Ariel Instashine is available in supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.

Disclosure Policy: This post is sponsored by Ariel but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Ako po since dalaga ako napaka hilig ko sa ukay ukay,mapa damit,shoes,bags,kahit ano po basta nagustuhan ko siya.At ang laki ng natitipid ko sa ukay,dahil sa murang halaga may magandang damit ka na.Minsan nasabihan ako ng ganda ng damit mo ah!sagot ko sa ukay ko lang nabili worth 20 pesos,nagulat siya,kasi iba din ako magalaga ng gamit ko,well loved ko talaga.Good thing may Ariel Instashine na,mas napapaganda lalo yung damit,hindi ma mukhang galing ukay,mukhang mall ma siya.