15 May 2019

We Are Switching to QPants Baby Diapers and Here’s Why

With a 9-year gap between my two girls, Sophia and Samantha, I feel like I'm a new mom again. It's fun to actually experience it now that I think I'm a bit wiser but it can be quite challenging, too. With all the baby essentials that are available in the market, it's just so hard to choose what's really best for our children. This is why I'm thankful to be a parent at this time and age of social media where we can find comfort and answers from other moms with same dilemma as ours with just a few clicks on our phones.  

So to help my fellow mommies, who are in dire need of a diaper brand that perfectly suits their lifestyle best, I'm happy to share with you that I just found out about this new player in the diaper scene — QPants Baby Diapers! It's from the same company that makes Sunmed Adult Diapers, if you're familiar  with it. They used to just distribute within Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon only but because online shopping happened, QPants are now available nationwide via Shopee and Lazada! I'm sure those two e-malls are also your go-to shopping sites just like every mom with internet access. 

When I received my hefty supply of QPants Baby Diapers, I immediately changed Sammy's nappy to give it a road test. Coincidentally, she was using another brand that gets super soggy with just little pee. How disappointing. My valid excuse for buying? Well, we came from the camp, where my military husband is assigned, and that was what we bought in the commissary there. Good thing QPants arrived a few days after we got home. And guess what  I was pretty amused by its performance! 

Frugal mommies, celebrate! 

My little Sammy only changed her diapers three times in 24 hours. I know I sounded as if it's a big deal, but because it is. Budgeting our family money isn't easy. So kung saan makakatipid, siyempre doon tayo. OK, let's do simple Math here. Each XL-sized diaper costs P8.23; that means, our baby's diaper needs per day is P24.69 only. Splendid, isn't it?

I'm sure some moms will say, "mura nga pero baka naman magka-rashes ang baby ko!" Oh dear mamas, allow me to be brutally honest with you. Now that we have tried QPants, I can't understand why there are pricey diapers. I mean, QPants that costs as low as P6 per piece can absorb urine as much as the expensive brands that we've tried before! Really, not hard-selling here, just stating a fact. 

A baby that has a comfy nappy wakes up happily!

There's Beauty in Simplicity and Quality

If you're digging minimalism, you'll be happy to know that QPants' design is basic, gender neutral and definitely no frills. I love it! It doesn't interfere with my tiny tot's OOTDs, haha. What's important is it has clothlike backsheet, stretchy waistband and absorbent core. 

I know I've already mentioned how affordable QPants Baby Diaper is but moms, because it's our month and they're feeling generous — they  will be having a 20% discount extravaganza from May 16 to May 29 at Lazada and on May 21 at Shopee! Sale period starts tomorrow already so check out their official stores now. See details below!



This post is sponsored by QPants Baby Diapers but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow! Try ko to Miss D. Hindi naman maselan ang babies ko so kahit biglasng palit ng diapers di sila nirarashes. Plus ang mura nito and mukang comfy ��

  2. This is worth a try po lalo na po kailangan ko na magbudget ng sobra at magsschool na ang daughter ko.

  3. mas comfy po ang pants kaya mukhang oks yan Qpants po.. thanks for sharing it po ☺️

    FB: Grace Ann

  4. gusto ko ma try to, im planning to switch na kasi kaya lang di ko alam anong brand and yun nga di magkaka rashes si baby and kung di kagad mapupuno. hope to win to try it out soon πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  5. Sayang may LO doesn't use diapers na, but still celebrating for others who are in search for a good quality diaper na hindi masakit sa bulsa! Your blogs and finds are very helpful talaga miss D! Kaya I always share them sa mga mom friends ko! ❤❤❤ God bless!

  6. A mom on budget but wont compromise the required quality for her kids will surely celebrate for this discovery. Thanks for this blog! ��

  7. Try ko to mamsh!because i trust your recommendation!!

  8. I really wanted to try a new diaper brand. Yung sulit. Sa market kasi andaming magaganda pero pricey. Well, for this one, hindi siya kamahalan pero mukhang comfy kay baby. Will definitely try this brand!
    Sakto pa sa son ko yung blog, he wears XL.☺️

  9. Been trying every diaper to suit our toddlers' needs since they weewee more these days because im encouraging them to drink more water due to summer season..i i wi definitely try this diaper..thanks Ms. D..

  10. wow sna matary ko to sa lo ko

  11. Kakastart pa lang namin magswitch ng XL na pants ni baby, before branded po ang mga gamit sa panganay, ngayon kay bunso, budget is a must. Mahirap po pala talaga kapag biglang nawalan ng work, humihigpit ang sinturon at natututong mamaluktot. May murang pants na diaper na inintroduce ang asawa ng pinsan ko na nurse. Mas mahal daw kasi yung nabili ko, kaya sabi niya palitan, kaso yun lang, hindi ko alam saan ang front at back, walang nakaindicate. Tinipid din ata, hehe! Kay QPants, may label, no need to make hula which is which. 3 brands na po natry ko, hopefully magstick to one na kami sa isang brand na mura na, hindi pa lalawlaw at madaling mabasa si baby kaya iritable at moody kapag wet.