10 March 2019

Every Day’s a Weekend With Uniqlo's New Minions Collection

For a lot of families, weekends are exclusively intended for doing things together—be it errands, grocery shopping, out of town trips or any extra curricular activities the kids have. But for us, who've been a military family for more than a decade already, most weekends are just like any other day. In fact, there was a point when our army dad didn't come home for 3 consecutive months! Those 12 weekends without him were dragging and dreadful. I prayed so hard to Jesus to never let it happen again. Glad that we're luckier now; every day's a weekend as long as hubs is home.

#TheRayalas love Uniqlo! ♥ 
So when Uniqlo Philippines invited us to a family day, I was ecstatic! Not only we were complete but we also got to help promote a brand we love. We are totally not a fashionable family, it isn't up our alley, but with Uniqlo, looking polished and presentable is easy. It was really a fun day! Uniqlo launched the new summer designs of their graphic tees. Say bello to the Minions!

Our baby Sammy had a blast looking at all the cute shirt designs while we shopped for ourselves. She kept on pointing at each and every minion she saw. So we knew she felt pretty when I made her wear her own Minions shirt. It was so funny 'cause she even sounded like them, haha! As for our first girl Sophia, she happily wore her navy shirt that has a minion carrying a watermelon. She particularly loved the tiny slice of watermelon in one of the sleeves. She's into details, that creative girl. And I thought my husband's already old for too cartoony shirts but heck no, he looked fresh and welcoming in the shirt I chose for him. When we both turned 30, we mutually decided that he has to have a signature color so it'll be easier for him to dress up even without my help. Also because he is a military officer (gotta look the part hehe). But the Uniqlo Minions Collection kind of changed my mind. I loved the fun and calm look of my husband that day so yes to color and graphic tees again!

Goin' bananas over a banana just like how real minions should be! ðŸ˜‚
For myself, well, I chose a white tee with a small chest pocket. The heart in the minion's thought bubble got me; it's dainty without overkilling its sweetness. Love that it also matched my skirt, shoes and purse. Most of my stuff are very basic so this frugal mama is happy that I can mix it with my other clothes and accessories. Most of all, Uniqlo t-shirts are made of 100% cotton—perfect for the Philippine weather! Moms sweat more than regular humans, you know. 

Shop at the nearest Uniqlo branch now or better take a trip to their flagship store at Glorietta 5 in Makati! It's huge and has lots and lots of super nice clothes to choose from.

Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post. We just love the brand and our tees so much! ♥


  1. Lapit lang sa office 😊 icheck ko later yung shirt mo Ms.D ❤️❤️❤️ bet ko din eh

  2. I love your OOTD here, D. Fresh na fresh! Dalin ko din mga nga bagets ko dito, mahilig din panganay ko sa minions :)

  3. SM Aura branch is nearer to us. I love yiur ootd/Uniqlo design. Kami too, we are looking forward for the weekends to come so we can go out as famiLy; grocery together, playing ball game outdoors, strolling at Heritage Park or eating out whenever we have extra budget for that. What i love bout Uniqlo is getting comfort while wearing their clothes. I have skirts i bought frm their sale last Christmas.

  4. My husband loves this brand. Ako, bago ko lang sya makilala nung available na sa Cdo. Dati kasi sa Manila lang nakakabili. Looks cute ang inyong bonding together.. sana masama ko din sa mga events ang whole familya ko! Hahaha akala mo naman na iinvite sa events! Hahaha

  5. wow ganda ng ootd mo ms.D nkaka