12 December 2018

Have Fun, Will Help

I was eight when I lost my father. One of the many things that changed was our regular weekly family bonding, which was usually initiated by my really fun papa. While I knew and appreciate that my mama had to prioritize our education and daily food budget, my heart still longed for extra play. So whenever my first girl, Sophia has her occasional materialism moments, I always go back to my story about the poor little girl who never had the beautiful things Sophia now has. And that girl was her mother.

I know she isn't at fault that I didn't get the toys and cute stuff she has now but it's good to snap her back to reality. After all, we just really want her to grow up healthy, happy and with faith in God. I don't think accumulating all the sparkly thingamajigs she fancies can help her achieve that goal. Right?

This morning, I tagged her along with me to the launch of Fun Ranch's latest project for underprivileged kids across the country. 

It's called the Happy Kids Project, which aims to make at least 100 kids happy by treating them to a day of rides, play, snacks, souvenir for each child and a special magic show. Fun Ranch with the help of its community, Pepsi Cola Product Philippines and MovED, will shoulder the cost of the activity including the transportation of the kids and their adult companions. It was a quick presentation. We had lunch, talked to my fellow mom bloggers and the kids played with each other regardless of age.

We went home with a mission: To have fun and help.

On the way out, Sophia then asked me why we went there. I told her that as a blogger, we were asked to share the campaign with our readers. I told her that just by purchasing the Unlimited Playtime Wristband that costs Php400 only, one beneficiary child will also have free play for a day at Fun Ranch. Her eyes lit up and said, "that's nice, Nanay! So can we play now? Buy me a ticket na!" Haha, husay ng timing. But I've convinced her that it's more fun to play with friends so we will definitely go back with people we love to spend time with. Guys, please tag me in your posts when you buy na ha! Would love to repost it.

For more information about Project Happy Kids, please contact its organizers, Ana del Rosario (09175183995) and Paula Elgario (09771057919). 


  1. Wow . I love this kwento. I hope I could raise my child na mabait at madaling mapagsabihan hahaha. ❤❤❤

  2. Ganda ng purpose ng event na to, sana mag spread yung event sa madaming tao para mas madami ang magbenefit na bata.

  3. To have fun and to help at the same time is a great idea. ��

  4. Christina manteleFriday, 14 December, 2018

    This project is for a cause...so everyone will be blessed and enjoy too...very good 😊🙏

  5. When my little boy is a bit older I would want him to get involved in this kind of event