25 November 2018

Our First Halloween Event

When we got invited to Cocoon Boutique Hotel and Hive Hotel's first joint Halloween event, we made sure to make it a bit special since it was our first to attend as a family. Yup, the word our in the title was for our family and the two amazeballs hotels in Quezon City. You have to check them out; both are eco-friendly hotels. Anyway – R, Sophia and I thought of our costumes well since we didn't want to spend too much money on it. After all, we would only use it for a few hours. So, I thought of something that I can easily DIY. Thank goodness for Pinterest, we came as the The Breakfast Club — what Sophia called us when I showed her the pegs. 

It was a success if we will based it on my readers' reactions on social media. But we thought it could be a lot cuter if the sunny side up egg has actually walked or at least stood for photos, no? Heehee.

Alright, enough with our cardboard-full-of-double-sided-tapes costumes 'cause the #FamilyGhouls: No Tricks, All Treats Halloween event is really the star of this post! I mean, the whole hotel became our village. We went from floor to floor, having our tickets stamped with freebies and goodies from partner brands. There was no overflowing supply of chocolates and candies but the inflatable slide, photobooth and face paint made our afternoon extra special. Sophia truly had a blast! As for the little one, she slept, which gave her parents their much needed phone time. Especially this mama who waited for my blog's logo to be flashed on screen! 

When we got home and was able to finally check our lootbags, I was so happy to see my Vice Cosmetics' liquid matte lipstick and Pantene shampoo sachets. You see, I can practically afford to buy those but hello, getting freebies makes me happy. Most Halloween events only cater to kids but this one by Cocoon and Hive was different – it was designed for the whole family. Truly, a hashtag Family Ghouls! I was so glad our silly family of four became a part of their first Halloween event. Hope to be partners with them in the years to come! Kudos to the team who made it memorable for everyone who came. 

PS - To the employee whose role was to scare us using her spooky hand in the 2nd floor, you did an awesome job! 

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