07 November 2018

Filipino Kiddie Spaghetti

I was raised in a home that enjoyed rice and ulam meals every single day. Rice and tinola, rice and sinigang, rice and fried fish, rice and tocino and even rice and macaroni soup. I think I speak for most Filipino families — rice is life. But now that I've been feeding my not-so-little foodie for a decade already, I sometimes question why rice always has to be present in our meals. No, I actually do not question, I rebel against the norms. When Sophia was younger, I created a habit of feeding her healthy dishes that I know she'd like. I didn't force her to eat those that I just started to eat when I was a bit older. Mealtimes should be fun, a fact I stick to up to this day. I guess, that's why she just had a quick time in the picky-eating phase.

One of the delish dishes that I frequently served her — spaghetti! When I had to scrimp on budget, I used canned corned beef. When I was slowly introducing seafood to her, I used tuna. When I wanted it healthier, I used real tomatoes instead of ready-made sauces. Sophia ate and liked them all. She would say after every meal, "I wish this is my baon, Nay!" Haha. But still, nothing beats the classic Pinoy spaghetti. The one with sweet sauce, ground pork, hotdogs and grated cheese. It's her most favorite! So it's safe to say that I have memorized cooking it as much as her ultimate fave,  adobo.

Do you want to know how I make mine? Here's my recipe!


- 500gms spaghetti noodles, cooked per package instructions
- 250gms ground beef or pork
- 3 to 4 pieces regular hotdog, sliced
- 3 cloves garlic, minced
- 1 medium onion, minced
- 1 500gms pouch Filipino Style spaghetti sauce
- 1/2 of small can of condensed milk
- 3/4 cup of unsalted butter
- salt and pepper to taste
- 1/4 cup pasta water
- cheese for toppings


1. Once spaghetti noodles are drained and pasta water is set aside, add 1/2 cup butter and coat it well. 

2. To make the sauce, in a shallow pan, brown the ground meat. I love using kawali because the meat gets a crust that beautifully punches more flavor to the sauce. Also, I used lean beef because I like it more than pork. Add 1/4 cup of unsalted butter. 

3. Once ground meat sizzles (a sign that it's a bit toasted already), push it aside to sauté onion and garlic. Let them party together. 

4. Add the hotdogs to the dance floor then stir fry. 

5. Pour spaghetti sauce then season with salt and pepper. Stir well and wait for it to boil. Do not neglect, pasta sauces burn fast. Add pasta water and condensed milk. Cover and simmer in low fire for 15 minutes, allowing the spaghetti sauce to extract the natural tomato flavor. Stir again. 

6. You may add all the noodles on the pan and toss it with the sauce or you may arrange it on the plate starting with noodles then sauce and topped with grated cheese. Yum! 

PS - Double the ingredients for a kilo worth of spaghetti party platter! Enjoy! ❤️ 

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  1. My kids’ favorite. Kahit everyday spaghetti, keri nila.

  2. I haven’t tried adding condensed milk. Hindi ba sya masyadong matamis Ms. D? I also use Del Monte spaghetti spaghetti sauce but the Italian Style variant, then I’m adding a little bit of evap naman. :) This is always part of our grocery list, and nagbabaon ang panganay ko nito normally twice a month :)

  3. Same as mine i also used condensed para mmedyo sweet. Ayoko kasi ng maasim pero not tot sweet nmn ��

  4. Mawala na lahat huwag lang ang spag!Naging tradition na ang paghahanda nyan during Christmas season. Iba iba man ang lasa pero walang makakahindi at walang hindi nagustuhan ang sweet style na spag!!

  5. Me and my family are pasta lover.. Actually kht wlang occassion bsta nagcrave kme tlgang naglluto aq to satisfy our craving.. and we both use carnation condensada iba ung naadd nya na flavor sa spaghetti.. I also use nestle cream to add creaminess on the sauce..

  6. Oh please teach my 11 year old boy to eat spaghetti :)

  7. Unlike other kids, my 4 and 10 kiddos prefer pancit over spag. I wonder why. Maybe because I cant cook spag well? This might be a good restart. Thanks for sharing. Merienda this weekend, check!

  8. A lifetime favorite of mine..I`ll surely try this one of a kind spag recipe for my little family this coming holiday season. Thanks for sharing Ms. D.:)

  9. Try ko nga minsan tong with condense. D po masyadong matamis?

  10. I thought I'm doing something different nadin sa norm by adding all purpose cream sa version ko ng spaghetti but by reading other queens comments haha I learned na hindi pala, hence I will definitely try your recipe Ms. D I'm sure my lil kiddos will love them too. As always, Thanks for sharing ❤

  11. So that’s how to make delicious spaghetti pala! Nakakalimutan ko ang ground pork or beef. I will try to follow this one, pareho naman tayo Del Monte ang gamit masarap naman talaga sya :)

  12. Will try this recipe! Yung recipe ko madaming ekek like kechuo and tomato sauce pa bukod sa spaghetti sauce.. kaya sguro hindi sya lasang spaghetti ng may birthday na kapitbahay hahahaha. Thanks ms D!