23 November 2017

The Truth About Baby Showers

When I was pregnant with Sophia, I threw myself a simple baby shower at home with a little help from a friend. Being young with no enough knowledge on proper etiquette and all, I did that for the gifts, apparently. As how we know it, "gifts are central to showers." That's the main reason why there is such to begin with.

My baby shower cake nine years ago
At the onset of my current pregnancy, I thought about it and discussed it with my husband. He said that no one will come to our baby shower anymore (should we have one) since most of the friends who attended the first are no longer in our circle. Even if it hurt me big time, I agreed with him. Sometimes, for one to finally accept the truth, it has to hurt first. I have moved on easily, though and gotten over it already. For me, growing up means losing some friends in the process.
Even if I have decided to no longer hold a baby shower,  I still wondered who might be coming just in case. And then I read Emily Post's short advice as shared in the only mommy-centered Facebook group that I am a member of, Glam-O-Mamas. 

It made sense to me. So yup, now on my 36th week, instead of spending it on a shower that I could have thrown for myself, I just bought my rainbow baby the things she will need. Also, it taught me what to tell the people who asked when I would have one. Hihi. 

Thankfully, there are still some who showered us with love and made us feel extra special with or without a party. 

How about you, what are your thoughts on this? 

PS - If you're still confused, you can read this article on what to give, who should host, etcetera ~ Baby Showers: Welcoming the New Baby


  1. Honestly... Ngayon ko Lang nalaman bakit may baby shower.. hehehehe.... Never tried it before kasi pero parang ansarap magganyan...

  2. Hi. We had a simple baby shower prepared but it is more for the purpose of thanksgiving. This is our rainbow baby and would-be first child so we just wanted to celebrate this blessing. �� But it doesn’t mean na kung walang baby shower, the baby’s coming is not celebrated at all... parents can have their own way of celebrating... pwedeng grande or practical. ��

  3. Parang walang aattend sa akin if ever meron at wala din mag-aabalang magsurprise, naubos na ang mga friends ko eh. Sad life.

  4. I’ve known since my first pregnancy that baby showers (and bridal showers) are to be planned by family/friends. But since I’m the first one in the barkada to get married, no one planned one. Haha! Totally understand though. Also, I’m not much of a party person kaya okay lang. :D

    1. I was also the first one in the barkada to get pregnant! There were friends who attended without any gifts. Nakakatawa when I remember it - they just ate and laughed! :D

  5. I was also the first one in the barkada to get married and get pregnant, and I’m also usually the party planner of the group. That’s why instead of waiting around for them to organize a baby shower for my baby, I just decided to have a gender reveal party and organize it myself. Since my husband and I are having a baby boy who’s going to be the first baby boy in his side of the family and one of two boys in my side of the family as well, we thought it would be fun to surprise them with baby’s gender. And although a few people brought gifts for my baby, it was fun to celebrate baby’s arrival with just a few friends and our immediate family members.

    Ps. I hope I could win your Mommy Mundo planner giveaway because I just really love planning and organizing stuff and that planner would really be a big help as I welcome motherhood in 2018! ��

  6. I didn't have a baby shower sa eldest ko coz we were still young. Lahat pa kami students ng mga friends ko and parang di pa siya "uso" before. Hahaha. 10 years later with my second baby we decided to have a baby shower. Only our closest friends were invited and they brought foods and gufts for the baby. It was super intimate and fun. Plus the gifts were really useful. ❤️

  7. I can totally relate Ms. D! I'm 33weeks pregnant now, after ko malaman that I'm pregnant with our first baby nag-imagine na agad ako ng baby shower! My friends didn't throw a bridal shower for me kasi kaya parang naisip ko, singilin ko sila this time :D But ayon, iniisip ko pa lang sino makakarating, mukang malabo na kasi most of them are working abroad, sa family ko same din based overseas kaya nilet go ko na ang thought na magka-baby shower --- Aleena

  8. When I was pregnant with my son, I always dreamed of having a baby shower, but then I don't have that much friends (rather-stay-at-home than go-out-type person) who would plan one for me.. kaya I let it go nalang..but then one time I got a phone call from one of the married ladies at the church where I grew up with telling me that they're going to threw a baby shower for me.. I was so happy! It was not that bonggacious type of baby shower, but I feel so blessed and thankful to be able to experience one :-) :-)

  9. I have wanted to host a baby shower fore my baby, but unfortunately, i have limited budget constraints. Used my money for my baby's essential stuff instead. I enjoyed shopping for his needs. 💗💗💗

  10. Nung first baby ko, wala kaming baby shower, siguro dahil dko pa narinig that time... nung sa second baby ko, wala din, pero nung pumunta ako sa CDO, yung mga friends ko na CDO Bloggers they invite me for dinner, brought with them gifts for my baby at un daw ang baby shower nila for me. kind of sweet kasi first time ko at dko in-expect. ngayon that i am on my third, wla namn nagsasabi magppa baby shower sila for me, ako I can't afford to spend so much on a party ngayon, tight sa budget. pwde siguro mg jollibee? hehe