18 February 2017

Shopping and Saving

As a geographically single parent, my military husband allows me to manage our finances - from the major payables down to the petty expenses. While some wives would say I'm lucky that my husband trusts me, I have to honestly tell you that it's not that easy. 

Of course, this woman is just like most of you: Shopping brings me joy. But since we basically depend on a regular single income, buying the not so necessary is automatically scratched from the list. I earn from gigs (freelance online job, homebased biz and this blog), alright but it’s still not enough to cover all that we need, which includes little things that still matter (i.e., new pair of everyday shoes).

So as not to deprive myself (and my growing girl), we make sure that we get the best of deals when we shop. Say, I search for coupon codes that I can use when I shop online like the Groupon Coupons a friend has told me about. I knew from Shannon of The Mommy Files that some coupons are exclusive to Groupon only, such as the Turbo Tax among others. Oh, how tempting to use my PayPal funds for the 35% off at Amazon, haha!

Gosh guys, I can't finish this post because I just saw Bath and Body Works coupons that I am contemplating of availing some and having my goods sent to my cousin's house. Oh well, if you are like me who's still learning to be frugal without missing on the simple joys of shopping, head on to Groupon Coupons now! Let me know what you find! xx

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Groupon but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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