04 January 2017

The Year That Has Been

Where were we on the last day of 2016? 

Just a quick backgrounder, a confession that none of our families, except my selfie queen sister, and friends knew - my husband R and I had a serious fight. We were not talking days after Christmas until a few minutes before the year ended. Sophia knew. Some kids would have complained about how miserable to have spent the holidays with cold-hearted parents and most probably took sides already. But my girl - she was the voice of reason, our sunshine that kept us warm and melted the ice that enveloped our home. 

Back to the question - oh, our family of contradicting characters and mood swings spent it in a non-extravagant but meaningful way! We had dinner at a 24-hour KFC along Marcos Highway then went to Marikina River Park for fair rides and games. Our little miss adventurer had fun even with that one scary ride (that made me repent my sins over and over lol). But R and I? We were still ignoring each other. He still ignored me even if I was actually trying to impress him when I shot targets consecutively in exchange of cheap toys and candies. What a snob, that guy, haha. Then we drove up to Antipolo for fireworks sighting but went home disappointed. Drizzles and smog, that's why. It was so polluted down here that night; we didn't see anything! 

Anyway, up to this very moment, no apologies were made. But I guess, the evening I hugged him while he was sleeping gave it away that whoever was at fault, I didn't care anymore. All I ever thought was how I longed for that hug and that I just cannot let the next day happen without us being our old selves again. So there. And of course, don't forget - having sex after a fight is always the best idea.

HEY. Our last year was not just about our marital issues. It's just that it was what sealed it. But let me do some quick recap for you who might have missed it. 
  • I joined McCormick Culinary Philippines' online contest that won me a Global Cuisine Bootcamp at Moderne Culinaire Academy, which I'll just be taking this year due to a miscommunication between me and MCA's Facebook community manager. 
  • We went to Ilocos in summer, which I need to share with you all how awesome it was. 
  • Up in Baguio we went in May to visit R's nephew, who's currently a plebe at Philippine Military Academy. 
  • #BaonSerye blasted my Facebook page notifications and gave me 42k (and counting) followers.
  • I educated the advertising kids at my Alma Mater as their millennial Tita D about Internet etiquette. 
  • R went to military schooling for advancement and promotion. Despite him being in Manila, relatively nearer than whatever province, he was still so busy that we only got him all to ourselves during the holidays. And as what this post's beginning statement said - we spent the rest of it fighting haha.
No worries, all's well now since that evening hug. Our 2017 may be taking off steadily with a few struggles here and there but it's nothing that we, along with our Lord and Saviour, can manage. And that is saved for another post.

Will you wait for it? xx

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