29 July 2016

How I Make Worklife Easier

When people learn that I don't leave home to work in an office, they automatically think that I'm so lucky - that I'm a spoiled wife just waiting for my husband's bimonthly salary. What most of them are probably not aware of is that I have home-based jobs, a small food business and a blog to maintain. I also do not have help to clean the house, do the laundry and wash the dishes. Being a military wife, it is my main duty to almost single-handedly raise our daughter. If that is not enough *work*, then I do not know what it's called. 

In one of my contributed articles for well-renowned lifestyle website, Make It Blissful, I shared the 4 Ways to Lighten Your Workload (And Feel Great About It!). It's basically to prioritize, exercise, maximize and smize. Yes, alliteration is my thing, if you noticed that. I do those all the time, even exercise! My flabby tummy just doesn't make it look truthful. LOL.

So this time, I want to share with you the 4 four things I do that make my worklife easier. My worklife means my job as a work-at-home bloggy mompreneur.

Let's proceed.

1. Make a list and check it twice. Having a to-do list for a day, a week or a month helps you organize your tasks (or maybe your life, if necessary). By seeing each task gets ticked off when you're done psychologically sends a signal to your brain that you're being your awesome self. You can make your list as colorful and fun by downloading some free printables here.

2. Make your workstation pretty and happy. I do not have green thumb but I bought a very low maintenance indoor plant, which I placed beside this laptop. When I need a different view, because our living area window just shows the garage, I look at it. It somehow helps reboot my brain. I also have a few pink stuff around, it keeps me calm.

3. Make memories and take photos of you while at work. I got an exaggeratedly hefty number of Christmas orders for my food biz last year that I cannot even remember if I breathed then. Good thing, though that my millennial mom in me kicked in from time to time that I'd take a selfie or two while I'm in the kitchen - happy albeit the sweat and stress. Now, by looking at those selfies of me with my *creations*, it makes me want to push my limits more.

4. Make love. Wait! It doesn't necessarily mean in bed and with my husband. It's basically going back to the purpose on why you are doing that work in the first place. Say, I got the Community Manager job so I can help my husband with our finances, specifically to pay for the car loan. I asked my friend to hire me as one of her Virtual Assistants for a popular food blogger from Australia so I have my personal savings. I have my food business because being in the kitchen is the fulfillment of my childhood dream. I lovingly prepare my daughter's baon every single day because I want to make sure she's well-fed in school. I then share it with my 27,000 (and counting) followers on Facebook because I know that it can help other moms, too. There's nothing that can make your worklife easier than doing it with a purpose.

There you have it, folks. It's not a tough list to follow, you know. But if all these are not possible because you're down with flu - you got to go to the core of it all. You are unhealthy. One thing my husband always tells me when I am faced with a heavy workload is to take Vitamin C. I'm sure if R reads this, he'd be like "sabi ko nga kasi sa'yo". True enough, when I do, I just have this Gary V kind of energy despite the daily grind. Haven't you heard? Worklife ay easy with FERN-C! Yup. Actually, a college friend once told me to just take two of it whenever I have cough and colds. And voila! I'm back in my tiptop shape kasi nga, subok na

This blog entry is my entry to Nuffnang's #WorklifeAyEasy by Fern-C! I hope the list I made can help you all. Ikaw, how do you make your worklife easier?


*photo by Unsplash


  1. I couldn't agree more! you really inspire me.. how i wish I could put thoughts into words. I am happy that I found your blogs. I enjoy reading it because I know what you are talking about.:) Stay-at-home mom is never easy you don't have the excuse as to why you weren't able to do the job unlike when you are working outside. You have the luxury of time but you also gotta use it wisely. :)

    1. True. Some people think that being at home means you have ALL the time in the world. Eh ang totoo, kulang na kulang sa oras. It's as if house chores never end. Sigh. But as what I always tell my fellow SAHMs, always, always choose the kids!

  2. I didn't consider blogging as a homebased job but I guess it is. Great tips! What I really need now is a pretty workstation because as of the moment, I'm typing on a laptop, reclined on the bed beside my sleeping daughter. Hopefully one of these days.

    1. I was a social media manager when I wrote this article. I don't think blogging can be my job since it doesn't really pay me regularly. But yes, I earn some from it. :)