20 July 2016

Free Printable Finds

With all the many hats that a mom has to wear, she must always organize and plan things ahead in order to accomplish the tasks as she wanted it to be. It can be planned at least a day ahead, sometimes a week before; months even if necessary. I know some moms who can peacefully manage her household without a journal or to-do list, at least; I am an exemption. I need a handful of post-its and a decent pinboard beside my office desk so I will be reminded of what I need to do. But post-its can be a bit boring albeit its loud colors - my penmanship makes it as such, perhaps.

I'm glad that there are creative bloggers who are so generous to share their digital art skills with us here in the cyberworld! Planning my #baonserye is now easier with Living Locurto's Lunch Box Planner. I write what I can prepare for Sophia there then I list down the items needed to make it in Hello Cuteness' Grocery List. Here are the other free printables that can help you organize your tasks (and maybe your life, as well, haha).

A Clean Home Every Day Checklist - For you, your help and the rest of the family who must do chores at home!

To Do List - I used this for Sophia's routine *tasks* that she has to do once she arrives from school. See what I did here. I like that the design is simple and functional. It's just right for whatever tasks my kid needs to know - in big bold letters, of course.

Life Hacks Printable - This is my most favorite! It's perfect for a social media mommy like me. Love that part where you can tick off if you're done with Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. Well, I might kill those boxes if I need to tick 'em off every time I check those accounts. Oops.

If you also have your free printable finds, I would love to know where we can get it, too! Share it with us in the comments. Talk to you later! x

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