01 July 2016

Exciting Things Ahead

Today is the first day of the second half of the year. Isn't it amazing how quickly time flew? So, what do we have here? We got changes. The Philippines has a new president! My girl is in a new school! And to make this post a bit egocentrically silly - this blog's initials share the same with the new president's! Cool, right? LOL. Mai-relate lang. Tbh, I didn't campaign for him but since he was the people's choice... well, congratulations! I have read his simple but meaningful speech yesterday. It was good. Kudos to his team for putting up a decent inauguration. Let us hope for the best! After all, his win is our win. 

Now, off to more personal stuff.

Like I mentioned, Sophia moved to a new school. R and I have vivid dreams about her big and bright future that starts with what her school can give. We are so excited to meet the woman of faith and action that she will be. It's 10 more years before she finishes highschool, though so for now, we will enjoy the smart, funny and lovely girl that she currently is. Sometimes, I stare at her in disbelief - thinking about how blessed I have been to carry her in my womb and actually been given the opportunity to raise a wonderful human being like her. 

On to another important change. My contract with my main project (freelancers call their homebased contract-based jobs as that) wasn't renewed by the client. My stint as a Community Manager of a multinational food and beverage brand officially ended yesterday. When I knew about it, I shed a tear. Nakakalungkot pala! Nagmukmok ako sa room for a few hours. I'm not used to it. Ako yung laging nagre-resign sa mga naging trabaho ko eh. It's different pala talaga with freelancing. Ibang-iba! It's like a relationship with no label. Haha, ang saklap ng comparison. Good thing I have a strong support system. Dalawa lang sinabihan ko (plus kayo hehe) but I felt like I have the whole universe backing me up. When I told my friend, Kim about it, she lightly told me to just move on. Ganon daw talaga. Being a freelancing expert herself, I know that she knows what she said. I trusted her. In fact, I felt better after our conversation. You see, God loves me that much that He never allowed me to face this experience alone. He gave me people who can truly lift me up when I'm down.

There, there.

But wait, don't feel sad for me! Even if I'm officially *jobless* today, I still have Bebeng's Kitchen and a virtual assistance gig with one of Kim's projects in her company, EKR Business Solutions. On top of it, my endless house chores and raising a girl, I still need to look for a steady home-based job. Helping my husband with our finances gives me so much confidence as a woman and wife. Kaya dapat positive thoughts lang ako lagi para blessings will happily come my way. Say no to self-inflicted stress and toxic people. They block off happiness, they steal joy. There's no reason not to stay away from them. Do you agree?

I'm curious as to what a Duterte government offers. I'm nervoucited (my daughter's pun) for what my online career will be. In my heart is a hopeful beat that both will bring delight.

Update: Got my Community Manager job back 25 days after I wrote this. God is good!

*photo by Unsplash


  1. ok lang yan, tama move on ka agad. makakakuha ka din ng bago na work from home nyan, madami naman dyan and since may experience advantage mo na yun. :)

    1. Yes, Tintin! Medyo I sulked in sorrow the first two days after I knew it but now, I'm positively looking for a new main gig. Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  2. awwwww. okay lang yan, pag meron aalis, meron darating na mas maganda, mas okay, mas better :) hugssss D :)

    1. Guess what? My contract got renewed yesterday! So happy. Thanks, Joanne! ♥