19 January 2016

Hello, it's me.

I won't go Adele-ing here, don't worry. I just really want to start this year in my cyberhome by being myself -- writing as if we are talking to each other in person. So there.

My small family and I celebrated NYE at R's workplace. We had the simplest media noche ever, compared to our past celebrations as a military family. It looked sad judging on the faces of the troops that were left there but no, as always, we didn't allow the ordinary food and the sleepy mood to dampen our spirits. The main office had fireworks display so we went out and enjoyed being showered with the debris (not!). Then we turned on our car's engine and allowed our girl to honk the horn the loudest that she can. We screamed 'till our throats ached. R ran with Berry, the non-barking pitbull, like he was the more rabid dog. We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. And when we got tired, we lay down beside each other, chatted about random stuff while we all tinkered with our phones, took our first family selfie, didn't clean up, didn't do our bedtime prayer, didn't say goodnight to each other and just blissfully slept. We woke up the morning later reminiscing how funny R's run with Berry was. Pia loved the screaming part most. 

Our "feast" didn't have lechon belly, seafood galore, mouthwatering desserts, swanky pica-pica and expensive wine but hey, we will always remember it with a smile, okay maybe a grin, on our faces. I know it sounded like a I did a soul-searching or retreat something with the monks in the mountains but you know, I find inner peace, more happiness with less of the extravagance of this world. Of course, we have a car. Our house, though rented, is big enough. We have smartphones, all of us, including our daughter. She goes to a private school. I buy pricey butter and cheeses when I have extra budget for it because those are the best stuff in the world. Aren't they? We love to live a comfortable life because we worked hard for it. But to spend beyond what we didn't earn isn't our thing. I'm glad that God made me marry a guy who somehow, sometimes thinks like I do. Like what we always agree upon on how we should rear our child and live our lives, "swabe lang"

I'm excited on how 2016 will turn out to be. It started steady. It sails a bit rough due to light financial waves but it's nothing that we can't handle. We can always stir the wheel for a calmer journey. R and I are partners. It's fun to think about how we came up with a new business that we hope will work out. It's a baby step to one of my grandest dreams! We will make it happen, I tell ya. I'll share it with you all, soon when it does. But for now, allow me to enjoy my days off from work. By enjoy, I mean, pay bills, go to the wet market for fresh produce, clean bathrooms and finally finish folding the laundered clothes. 

Hello, it's me, a servantless, foodpreneur and work-at-home mom and wife. Contented and loved. Who are you? ♥ 


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  1. We spent our NYE dinner at my aunt's place then went home to our condo to wait for the fireworks. My toddler was sound asleep even if it was loud and noisy outside! (And I totally agree with the cheese, super weakness! Haha.)

  2. Awww... praise God for perfect moments with family, no matter how simple they may be in the eyes of other people! :) Hugs, Denise! :)

  3. May our God bless your family always. You really have a wonderful family Ms. D. 😊