15 August 2015

Pure and Sure Water For A Healthy Family

We are a family with sensitive digestive system – R, the girl and I. It was not so long ago when the girl had amoebiasis, which R and I experienced, too. It was crazy. Endless trip to the loo is, right? Although water was not the culprit why the girl and I had it, I still make sure that the water we drink is safe and pure, even if that means I need to spend more. There are numerous water refilling stations that sprouted everywhere like stray grass but only a few can be really trusted. My MIL encountered one that has rust in their water. Imagine, I allowed my then toddler daughter to drink that! It's unforgivable, I know. Good thing nothing bad happened to her.

So I was grateful that this blog was invited when Manila Water Total Solutions launched Healthy Family Purified Water on August 7 at Annabel's Tomas Morato. I knew so much about water. They told us that Healthy Family is the same water that comes out from our faucets, only purer and safer. Why so? The whole process of bottling it were done hands-free. And you might be asking why don't we just drink the water that comes from our faucet if it's just the same? Well, it's because some pipes are already old and rusty that even if Manila Water provides water that is safe enough to drink, it still gets contaminated. Thus, the creation of Healthy Family. 
Why is Healthy Family the ideal brand of bottled water? 
  • It's quality assured by DOH and FDA.
  • It's analyzed by full-time in-house microbiologists and has daily sampling through an in-house laboratory.
  • It has an innovative palletized storage system to protect bottles.
  • It's fully-automated, absolutely no human contact.
  • It has safe one-time use cap.

See? And if you wonder if it's safe for babies, yes it is. It's for the whole family! This is why I promised myself that we will switch to Healthy Family Purified Water before the year ends so we can #JoinTheHealthyFamilyMovement

Not convinced yet? For more details,
Visit their website: http://healthyfamily.com.ph/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HealthyFamilyPH

This post is sponsored by Manila Water Total Solutions but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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