10 February 2015

Rayala Dialogues: She's Growing Up

Yay! I finally got to post a new RD! It's been a long time and I super regret that I didn't spend enough time to write about my little girl's crazy, silly, blog-worthy isms. I now realize that more than sharing it with you all, more than making you relate to those funny moments that make motherhood more special, documenting about it is more for me. It's for me to remember that despite her patience-testing traits, she's generally a happy, kind-hearted girl. 

So here it is.

I was in the kitchen when P came to me, holding her chest and said —
Pia: Nanay, sakit my dibdib ko in school kanina.
Me: (eyes widened, stopped and looked at her) Did you tell Teacher S?!
P: Opo, Teacher S said "oh sige, rest ka muna ha".
Me: What were you doing ba when it happened?
P: Seatwork po.
Me: (almost smiled, trying my best not to laugh) Hmmm. Baka naman sumakit dibdib mo kasi ayaw mo mag-seatwork? Totoo ba yan?
P: Totoo, 'Nay! Hindi ako lying ha! Si Nanay oh, kawawa ako tapos you say that. (and she continued nagging in her playroom)
So I went back to my dirty dishes and snicker. Alright, I have one more.

On bed for our afternoon nap, I smelled her nape, kissed her cheek and gently bit her skinny arm. Obviously, I'm smitten. I adore this kid. She's my everything and she gives me love equivalent to what the whole universe can give. But hey, I think, the feeling is mutual.
Me: (laughing and really trying my best not to smile) Hahaha. Hahaha.
Pia: 'Naaaaaay, that's crazy!!! Hahahahaha! Are you crazy?
Me: (gave in, laughed with her) Hahahaha! I'm crazy?
P: Yes, but it looks fun. Do it again, do it again!
Me: Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha.
P: (laugh trip) Hahahahahaha! You're the funniest mom! And crazy, too! Hahahaha!
Me: Really?
P: Yes. Ever! Do it again, do it again!
Me: Hahaha.
P: (hugged me while laughing) Stop na 'Nay, sakit na my tummy ko.
Must come back to this post whenever I need to see her laugh that way again. 

Arguments, conversations and dialogues are getting longer, having more content, getting deeper. She's indeed growing up! I won't blink, must savor this. 

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  1. Such a beautiful photo of your little angel!