19 February 2015

Don't Blame Barbie™ for Being Skinny + A Sneak Peek on Barbie Magazine PH's February Ish

Let's have some real parenting talk here first. Shall we? 

I assume that in wherever part of the world you are right now, there are moms who don't like Barbie. I think they are just being cynical; mostly concluding that girls who love pink, wear short skirts and sporting tiaras have shallow understanding of their femininity. These moms make their little women avoid princess stories and glitters and nail polish. In their Facebook wall, you'll see photos and statuses that say how brave, strong and intelligent their baby girls are. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's good that they want their children to see what's beyond the eyes can see. However, because of trying so hard to be outside the norm, they tend to forget to see the beauty that their little girls have. Yes, it's super OK to go on adventures and strive for strength, intellect and courage but I see nothing wrong with having pretty dresses and nail polish and tiaras, too. Don't you just love seeing those babes kick ass and sparkle? 

Alright. How about we talk about the girl who taught us to get our sparkle on while being the best that we can be? I know, she's not that of a good example then! What, with all the kissing Ken and having that tiny waist, I also used to dislike her for my daughter. I'm glad that she's slowly changing to be a better woman for our girls.

Barbie seems to have more than a hundred professions now and is friendlier than ever before! She also does arts and crafts and appreciates kids who love her. She has Barbie Magazine that has that and all! In 2013, Pia knew about it and has loved it since then. This year is no different!

For its February issue, it's a double celebration for Barbie Magazine fans. It celebrates Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. They can create their own Valentine cards, make their own Valentine necklace, bracelets and heart door hangers! There are posters and pictures of Barbie in Chinese costume. Good news to moms, who has kids who are learning how to read, Barbie Magazine Philippines has short stories in every issue that can practice them to read. Pia and I read Roses for Barbie together and she had fun reading and learning. And the stickers galore, oh my, my daughter's into sticker so much. Are your kids like that, too?
Btw, Barbie is a monthly magazine of ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. It's available at P120 in major bookstores and newsstands nationwide. For comments and contributions, email Barbie Magazine Philippines at BarbieMagPHL@gmail.com. 
You see, not because she's pretty and skinny and talks in a real not-so sophisticated voice, it doesn't mean she doesn't have substance. She is more than OK for our girls, Do you agree, moms? 


I received Barbie magazines for my daughter but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My daughter Gwen is not into dolls. One time, I gave her my decade old Barbie, ayun naputol ang kamay :(. But I'm sure she'll love the activities inside this Barbie magazine.

  2. I love Barbie! I honestly grew up with Barbie and I remember my love for dressing her up in various outfits. I'm glad that Barbie has expanded their products and that they now even have arts and crafts for kids. :)

  3. I love Barbie but I got boys. :(

  4. OMG I am so outdated, may magazine na pala si Barbie, My daughter likes Barbie will try to get a copy soon.

  5. hhhm, when my daughter is old enough for dress ups and OOTD, i'd want her to wear tiaras & tutus. ang cute kaya. hihi!

  6. I have a Barbie doll too! I'm amazed at how they have grown and developed the doll.

  7. this reminded me of elle woods. on point! :)

  8. I didn't know there was even a Barbie magazine available. Haha! I've always loved Barbie when I was younger but I haven't introduced her to my daughter yet and I'm not sure yet if I will.