09 January 2015

Three Promises for 2015

It's been a week since this year started and I still couldn't figure out how I'll start it over here, until today. I wanted my post to be as welcoming, as clever, as extravagant as possible. It's kinda a trend in the blogging world, you know. But then I thought, I can just be myself and type away! Obviously, that's what I'm doing now. At this point, I have so many things in mind that I can't single out what to share first. Hmm. Let me see. OK. 

See my new header? You like it? Blog's back to its clean and simple look and I'm loving it. I love how photos, mostly Pia's, can put colors on this site. That's one of my blogging promises (to myself and this blog's readers) that I hope I can keep — take better photographs. As a starter, my point and shoot's not kept and its battery's always charged. It's placed somewhere where I can easily grab it whenever I see something photogenic. Second blogging promise would be to never forget to write about our family's special moments, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, trips and laugh-worthy stories. Down my blogging journey, I knew and felt that apart from sharing with you the life I have and lessons I learned, with the hope of inspiring and helping my readers, this is my online diary. This is where I can easily go back to memories. And I do that especially when I miss my husband or when I think I'm failing this so-called parenting thing. My own past posts are empowering me to go ahead and move along. To stay happy is my third and last promise. It's easier said than done, I know. I also know that I told you before that I will keep it real in this blog. Newsflash! Being real doesn't mean you have to be sad, controversial and too public. 

I'm aware of some people who don't like bloggers, who post nothing but beauty. I get them, totally. In fact, I get jealous of those bloggers. They're gorgeous, they wear the nicest clothes, they eat the finest food and what, they travel a lot. It's easy to say that maybe when you strip off their signatured clothes, they are actually miserable people at home. That's judging and it's not right. Perhaps, these bloggers only want to share sweet vibes with their readers. And I'd love to take that road where they traveled. You see, the more you post negativity, the more you attract toxic people hiding behind animosity. Sure, it makes one feel she's reached that certain level of fame when she gets to receive haters' comments. Oh well. I'd rather be a nobody than piss people off, really. At this phase, I'm not craving for attention anymore. I don't need too many friends. I'm fine with spa dates and practical gifts. Gone are those days of pretense and fake satisfaction. I can count my friends with my fingers (in one hand?) but I know I can count on them. Cheers if I can count on you. That means we're friends.

Happy 2015! But wait, as my royal reader, what do you want to read and see here?

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