22 January 2015

Project House

When Papa was still alive, he used to drive us around Xavierville Avenue going home. During the early 90s, the houses on that road were one of the bests, at least for us siblings. We would be pointing to houses we liked most. “That’s mine”, “oh, yan naman sa akin ha”, “ang gandaaaaa” — these were the usual dialogues of the day-dreaming Redrico kids. Fast forward to now — Papa’s in heaven, we’re all grown up, three of us have our own families and still, we haven’t built those houses like that of Xavierville’s.

But we didn’t stop dreaming.

I’m sure my two older sisters have etched their dream homes in their minds. In fact, albeit our leased apartments and bungalows, you can see that our mother has taught us domestic stuff well. If I am self-proclaimed domestic queen, you should see how my sisters do chores. They’re better than me! More hardworking; slave-like actually, heehee. As for our youngest sib, the only boy, he has already bought a house where he and Mama currently live. It’s not as big as those we’ve seen in that road where Papa used to drive us around, but it’s his. He bought it using his hard-earned money. Can’t be more proud of my rockstar brother.

How about me? Like I said, we’re still renting. It's not new, you know. There was a study about us renters, actually. Anyway, we live in a high-ceiling, marble-floored 1988 bungalow. It has two bedrooms and three T&Bs. I love our house and it makes me happy cleaning it but I still dream of something like what I saw in Xavierville. Well, I created a board on Pinterest that showcases photos of how I want my future home to look like! It’s basically white, kinda rustic but all in all has a homey appeal. It will have mismatched chairs everywhere and I’m hoping that each chair has its own story to tell. I want a wood floor so it won’t feel cold when we’re barefooted. I found out in this tutorial article that wood floors are a good investment! There’ll be rugs in graphic patterns and square pillows of varying sizes. I haven’t fully checked my green thumb capability yet but I’d love to see some plants while lounging in my reading nook. Yes, there’ll be a wall of books, for sure! My little artist will have a corner of her own where she can display her artworks. The husband will surely love this idea. After all, he reminded me only of one thing when it comes to designing our future house — the gate and fa├žade are his. How apt, very soldiery indeed.

How about y’all? What will your future house look like? Or are you already living in it? I’d love to read your story!

Photo sources: gateliving room, living room with graphic rug, kitchen, hallwaybedroom.

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  1. I am still living with my parents, together with my kids.. but I am the one who's paying all the bills already... I have a dream house too, and I guess we will be building it sooner or later, maybe after the dream wedding I have in mind... A home with 3 bedrooms (a master's bedroom, one bedroom for the girls and one bedroom for the boys) would be great for me...