20 January 2015

Our Royal Dwelling

Welcome to my house! I know how weird it is to see a dusty electric fan, unorganized shelf and the word royal all in one post. Allow me to explain.

Whenever I use royal on my blog or social media accounts, please don't think of crowns, castle and Kate Middleton. Remember that I always pair it with domesticity, home or kitchen? You see, if not all, most people see housewives as unglamorous or plain. Yup, we can be that and more. What, with all the house chores and messy kids that we have to mind and only 24 hours in a day, who has time to apply lipstick at least? That's why I use that word whenever I post everything about my life at home as a wife and mom. It's my way of making my ordinary life extraordinary. 

Wait, though.

These photos were taken last year. As of this post — 1) I have already scrubbed the doorstep floor and replaced the black flipflops with a new colorful pair, all ready for summer, yes. 2) So proud to say that there are no unfolded clothes by-standing in the living room, only unlaundered ones, resting in the baskets, hahaha! 3) I can't do anything with it anymore so I just avoid looking up, is that wrong? 4) Steel wool and a truck load of patience can do wonders. That yucky thing's gone now! Ha. 5) Got a new bigger electric fan for the living area, black's in the bedroom. Of course, it's clean now but maybe it'll look like this again next week if I feel lazy. 6) Faucet's replaced and sink's more organized. Dishwashing liquid dispenser's replaced, too. Dirty dishes are washed but replaced with a new shit, er, set, obviously. I'm thinking of using paper. Gotta save Mother Earth. Or my sanity. 7) No longer like this, I swear. It's so different now but my sister who I think has OCD said she wants to fix it still. Go sistah, come over and please do. 8) Transferred the double-sized mattress in Sophia's playroom to give way to our wooden queen-size bed. We only have two set of bed sheets that fit it. And yes, one of it is mismatched. 9) Kept that curtain in the back part of the closet. I don't like it. No more unfolded clothes. Again, only unlaundered ones. 10) Books back to the babe's room but I saw a growing pile again. Not complaining. 11) No side table still; didn't finish that book, put it back to the shelf. Got a new one, a recipe book. I take food with me to sleep. Hashtag this is why I'm fat. 

My mom said my house looks dirty because of the paint and its age. My crazy sister (the one with OCD, hahaha) thinks she feels there are 'forces' here. My other sister said she likes the flooring. Why is it that she always likes what I don't? That's amazingly odd considering we look alike. My rockstar brother goes directly to the dining area whenever he's here. R's favorite spot is anywhere with a socket where he can charge his phone and do his stuff. Phone apps, that is, ugh. Sophia never allows anyone to enter her room with slippers or shoes on. I tried one time, she was sleeping. And me... how I love being at this house, even if it's only temporary.


  1. I love reading your blog post :)

  2. your house, like all of our houses, looks normal so dont worry :)

  3. i like the flooring too! as well as the kitchen tiles. Apir, ate Michelle!