13 January 2015

New Year's Afternoon at Children's Island, Pangasinan

When I wrote about our Hundred Islands trip two summers ago, I was aware that the story was OK but the photos aren't. So I made a mental note of taking better snaps the next time we go there. It was the New Year's afternoon when my husband R and I decided (more on him granting my request) to give the islands a second chance. 'Cause like what I said, "I think if there were less people, the trip was close to perfection." Well, we chose Children's Island, smaller than where we stayed at the first time we went there, just so we'd reach that less-people-more-bliss beach vibe. It's a holiday and most vacationers think pretty a lot like we do so the island huts were still mostly occupied. I'm fine with having crowds in beaches, it's the feels I'm really after. I'm glad that the people I see this time were dressed (or not) more appropriately. Rash guards, swimsuits, board shorts, those stuff. Yup, not a salmon short pants with side pockets that made an appearance on my previous post, haha! It was half a day of holiday leftovers, snorkeling, laughter, getting a perfect tan and lovin' it. xx


  1. Wow! Nice shots muther. Sana makapunta rin kami diyan sa Hundred Islands.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Ang ganda! Isa ito sa gusto kong puntahan ngayong taon. :)

  3. Lovely header Denise! I haven't been to the islands in Pangasinan. Thanks for taking me there!