18 January 2015

Making Bliss and Lovin' It

Have you been in that happiness-beyond-measure moment that you always don't want to end? We call that bliss, right? Guess what? We can choose to stay in that moment, despite life's most challenging situations. It's not easy, to be honest. Sometimes, all you want to do is to rant away and curse and just let your inner Hulk swallow you whole. I was that and more before I met Martine, who we all used to call the Dainty Mom. Yeah, yeah. If you are a reader since I started blogging, you know who she is in my life. She is one of those few, who encouraged me in her own little ways, and unbeknownst to her, how to follow my bliss. When I attended her workshop a year ago, I said that I'm gonna blog my best that year. I did! When she picked me to be on her team of blissmakers, I just didn't contribute articles — I followed and lived my bliss — I started Bebeng's Kitchen on July, joined the WAH Expo on October, and was invited to attend the Blissmakerie. In Martine's words, "it is an event that is a culmination of my lessons this year as I’ve been cultivating the community here at MakeitBlissful.com."

The Blissmakerie 2014 was held in Scarsdale in Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong. I was late; they have already started when I arrived. I was not even in my "rustic chic best" as we were told in the invite. I was wearing a pink and white with a touch of gold, though, which are M's faves so I guess it passed, haha! The place was superbly designed by Constance Event Styling. I'm not sure how my face looked when I saw it but I was in awe. Ang ganda-ganda! In my beki world, I wanted to say, "ang lakas maka-babae". With all the flowers and laces, I instantly felt I grew a deep dimple in both cheeks and felt like batting my eyelashes in all its glory. I sat in front of Ging and in between Nica and Louise, and felt more feminine. Not only my seatmates were dressed girly to the nth level but what welcomed me in my seat — French macarons in blush and dash of gold! Seriously? Fat Fingers, I love you already. I was still fixing my excited self when Martine told me I won an Elin poncho during the raffle. Woot! How can you not be happy you got invited, right? Well, the food, the perks, the prizes — those were just, let's say, the icing on the cake. 

It was being with the women I never thought I'd meet in person that truly made my day more special! I will try my best not to sound like a giggly fangirl but hello, Rissa, Patty and Paula were there!! I used to see them on TV and magazines lang and now, kasama ko sila in one place. Frances pa almost made me cry when she arrived (with cutie Piero). She just sat when she asked me, "oh, kamusta na kayo ng husband mo? Alam mo ganyan din si Vincent eh..." Hahaha! OK. I'll stop there. You see, when you're surrounded with people who exude nothing but positivity and beauty, you'll also feel the same way. This simple housewife was super happy and grateful to have met them in person, really. 

There was more to be thankful for! In the middle of savoring the delicious food that Scarsdale served us, Martine gifted all of us a box of her favorite things she calls The Blissful Box! Mine's a Kraft box with pink polka dots from Print Cafe. Inside it were a pair of pretty pewter flats from Yosisamra Philippines, a jar of glittery organic nail polish from Zoya, a luxe black Jean Perry towel from Casa La Armonia, a tube of Hurraw lip balm from Cutieverse, vanilla beans from the Vanilla Company, yummy-smelling cologne and black vanilla bear from A Vanilla Story, fragrant olive room spray from Heima, facial wash from Philosophy, postcards and parcel tags from Craftsmith, and a Bloom postcard from Carlos and Veronica. All of it are beautiful, blissful and useful. 

If there's one thing I didn't like about the event was that it has to end, hahaha! Oh well, we faced yet another Christmas traffic then so we had to leave early. Albeit my short stay (I was late kasi, huhuhu), I enjoyed every minute of it and I know that I have absorbed all the sweet vibes the other guests have spread there. Can't wait to see what Martine has planned for MiB this year! I'm sure it's nothing but bliss like what she did in 2014. But we all need to see the MiB baby first! Let's all pray for Martine's safe delivery, shall we?


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All photos, except for the blurry vignette of what was inside my Blissful Box, were by Sara Abrigo of Shutter Panda Photography. Kindly send email to editor@makeitblissful(dot)com should you want to use these photos.

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