04 September 2014

The Tale of the Broken Birthday Cake

Thanks again, Google! 
Okay. This is my first post for this month. 

Guess what, it's my birthday today, too! So it's sort of a birthday post. Well, while doing so, Chef's popped up on the right side of my computer screen. I just decided to blog and watch because I broke my birthday cake. *bawling like a cow scheduled for slaughter* Broke means, as in split into two; worse, kinda diagonally (insert sobbing kittens here). I was transferring it into the plate when... like how Hulk smashed skyscrapers in New York... there, the soft sorrowful sound of my shattered dreams — er, crumbled dark chocolate cake. 

I don't freakin' know what I've gone wrong. It just happened. Just.like.that. 

Wait. I'm a strong girl.

And like a real strong girl, I didn't allow my kitchen pride to be dampened by a single broken birthday cake (my birthday cake, of all cakes in the world whyyy). I pressed it back (can you imagine, how childish haha) to a clean pan and almost shoved it in the refrigerator. I'm hoping that its moist will somehow glue them altogether like a basketball team that lost four times in a row. Anyway, I'll try my best to cover it up with its frosting. I shall do that tomorrow. No, later after I send the popstar to school. 

Speaking of the popstar, she's been absent for 4 days. She got sick over the weekend and when she got well, I had flu. We are literally sharing everything together. That's why I'm so glad I finally had the strength to clean up the house and blog and bake and be a fab mom again. 

And regaining that strength a few hours before my birthday is something to be thankful for. 

Alright, I paused Chef (which I've already seen twice) to pour out more thoughts in this post. I hope you read something good here. Hihi. Watching it again... *have you seen this? I loooooove this movie!*

I'll show you how it looks like after the frosting. I'm dreaming it will look a little something like this. It — my broken birthday cake. *crossing fingers until the blood clots*

Greet me, greet me! I love reading birthday greetings. 


  1. If the cake won't stand, make cake pops instead. Or cake balls. :) Have a good one!

  2. It's same with me when I had my birthday! Google rocks! It amazed me.. happy birthday Denise!!

  3. Happy Birthday Denise!!! Congrats on your new venture, your Bebeng's Kitchen! I'm sure after the cake has been covered with frosting, you won't see the "faultline" na. hehehe. Cheers! :)

  4. Happy, happy birthday! Wishing you days and days of love, peace and happiness 💐

  5. oh my gulay! birthday nyo pla muther! hala. ang nababasa ko ksi mas mauuna si Pia sayo.. pero ang alam ko nga same month tayo ng birthday. forgive me for I have sinned muther!

    Happy Birthday Denise!
    Hope your day will be a blast.
    God bless you and more power to your blog and Bebeng's Kitchen!

    Love love love <3

  6. Happy birthday. Cry not, goddess. You can always try it again. Lapit na din bday ni Pia right?