08 January 2014

Planned and Spontaneous Holidays

I can't believe that despite this mean cough, colds and aching joints, I am here blogging away my thoughts again... or should I say, kwento. OK, I think I promised you this early today. So, how did my small humble family celebrate the past holidays? We celebrated Christmas Eve at my husband's camp. It's the usual chilly, kinda malamok evening of food, booze and videoke. I baked mussels. I made buko pandan. I sang a few songs; mostly the new ones on the list, to the military kids' delight. I sang Titanium... twice! Haha. Sophia flamboyantly sang Roar. For our family's finale, my little popstar sang Lenka's The Show. Around 1amish, we called it a night.

Santa (aka parents) woke up earlier than usual. Alright, me. I woke up earlier than usual. I needed to witness the girl's reaction when Santa Soldier gives the gifts she wished (which her father bought a day before). She's happy, I suppose. She chose those toys and we pretended that Santa bought it for her. Oh, you must have seen how her father and I acted ~ Oscars-worthy! To date, she doesn't play with those that much. What has gone wrong? I don't know. She prefers odd objects that aren't exactly toys. Say, my roll of gold foil. She uses it as her sword, sometimes telescope, oftentimes hazing paddle. Kidding. 

Shortly after that, Cpt R got busy with their gift giving activity, which they also did last year. Read my post about it here

Fast forward to NYE, we already planned that we won't be welcoming 2014 at home or in our mothers' houses. We spent it at Eastwood City in Libis, QC. There was a free concert at the open park, which was powered by Phillips. Had we only arrived earlier (parking was such a daunting task, by the way) and really did some planning, we could have gotten good seats to see Jessica Sanchez and Bamboo while munching on some food. Nevertheless, we super duper loved the fireworks display! It was death by stiffed neck. Hehe. I guess, we will do it again for next year's eve. It's fun, despite the crowd. And, despite the crowd, Sophia saw her classmate D who was with her family, too (of course). Then we just got ourselves something from Starbucks and drank it as we walked back to where the car was parked. We hungrily drove to my mom's place to ambush her feast. Thank God for her, we were a pitiful starving family. My bad.

For the other stuff that we did these past weeks, like our family trip to Dasoland in Pangasinan and our merry booze night with friends in Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center in Ortigas, I shall write about on separate posts. I would like to leave you my one word for this year though. Oh, I didn't have one last year; but if I had, it could have been "random". My 2013 was sooooo random I can't generalize it in one word. Seriously, for 2014, my word will be "faith". I will not talk to you about religion and what I know about what the Bible says, but it's the personal relationship that I have with God. 

I shall let you know more about it on Friday. Let's talk first how your holidays went. Was it planned or spontaneous? 

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