10 January 2014

One Word, One Year: 2014

The past year, though I jokingly said was random, was actually full of blessings. I felt that we were happier and more comfortable compared to 2012 (i.e., I quit my job, Sophia had pneumonia, I underwent a major medical operation, the little girl had skin bacterial infection, R and I were fighting one day after another, etcetera, etcetera). Our road to 2013 was more peaceful. Of course, there were a few bumps, detours and sometimes stop-overs but I guess we have learned to deal with it gracefully. I have learned to choose my battles; in marriage and motherhood. That's what matters most, right? Challenges become problems because of how we see it. Problems become tragedies when we lose faith.

For 2014, I choose FAITH to be my one word - for this blog and my life.

I hope to have more faith in myself as a woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and yes, blogger. I hope to have more faith in my writing, cooking and baking skills; that I may use these to live my dreams. I hope to have more faith in my husband despite the physical distance. I hope to have more faith in my daughter's ability to be the best that she can be. I hope to have more faith in my mothering skills; that I can raise a child of God. I hope to have a strong faith that one day my siblings and I, along with our children and spouses, will treat our mom to a grandiose vacation. I hope to have faith in my friends despite our busy schedules. I hope to have faith in this blog; that it will reach a thousand or more women to live a faithful life. When tragedies and failures happen, we sometimes forget that there is God who actually did not want to let us see it that way. Therefore, I hope to have more faith in Him; in Him who will give the desires of my heart, in His time.

If there will be days when I tend to be faithless, I'd be happy to be shaken from that dreariness. Tweet or message me! That's my word, what's yours? 

*photo source: forcoloredgurls.com


  1. Mine is PRESENCE. To be more engaged in every moment with my life. May it be dark or light. To learn fro them not fear or shy away from them.

    1. I like your word! I want to be present and yes, be more engaged in every moment of my life, too. :)

  2. Let us keep the Faith burning and alive in our hearts. ;) each one of us has his/her own problem to deal with and the best thing about it is that we have one BIG GOD to back us up against each hurdle that we encounter in our lives :)

  3. Keep the FAITH Denise! Everything will happen according to HIS mighty plan for your and your family! I miss you my dear! Hope to see you and Marts soon! :)