29 January 2014

My RevLite Laser Experience

There are days when I don't feel like putting anything on my face but baby powder. However, my skin isn't like a baby's anymore that it needs to be covered up with BB cream, pressed powder (or when the occasion calls for it, foundation), tint for the cheeks and lips, eyebrow pencil and light mascara. Also, I have this adult acne marks, which fortunately weren't there during my adolescent years. My skin type is the usual "combination": oily on the t-zone and dry on the cheeks. This type is not so easy to manage since I can't use facial creams too much as it could block my pores and would eventually lead to humongous pimples. I still have to use moisturizer, though since we're not getting any younger (early prevention is better than cure).

Oh, petty problems of a girl. I know, I know. So I'm lucky to have been chosen to try the new RevLite Laser by Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines two months back. Royal thanks to Mommy Practicality and our friend from Spectrumed who made it all possible. Anyway ― the whole procedure was done around 12-15 minutes only. Would you believe? And after those exciting minutes, I instantly saw a matte-looking, fresh-feeling face that was not-so-fabulous earlier. 

Prior the procedure, we (me and Mom on Duty) were briefed on what RevLite Laser is all about, what it can do to my skin and we were asked to fill out their patient's form. 
"RevLite is a modern aesthetic laser treatment by Cynosure. It uses multi-purpose wavelengths to offer maximum power and versatility for a broad range of skin types. It utilizes an extreme high-speed shutter to produce nano-pulse widths that enables highly effective procedures but with less heat and increased safety. RevLite targets the collagen-producing layer of the skin to promote better collagen production and increase the skin’s elasticity. As a result, the laser therapy creates an immediate rejuvenated appearance, smoother skin texture, even skin tone, smaller pores and subtle hair removal. It's perfect for removing sun and age spots as well."

While they were prepping the machine, they cleaned my face with sponge and water. As I said, it only took us 12-15 minutes for the whole face. I have to tell you this in advance in case you'd go for the same treatment, it has this eenie weenie pain as it magically makes the facial hair disappear. Yes, the hair. It initially turned white but after two days, it amazingly looked invisible. That was my most favorite thing RevLite Laser has done to my face! I had these annoying and crawling baby bangs in the forehead that drew my cheeks to become wider. I also loved how fresh my face looked especially in the morning when I just woke up.
These are the skin issues that RevLite can treat:
  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Melasma
  • Birth Marks
  • Pore reduction
  • Tattoo removal

Denden Urbano, Operations Manager of Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines, said that it would typically needs 6-8 sessions of the RevLite Laser treatment before you reach that blemish-free artistahin skin. Of course, if your skin issues are too complicated, it has to be addressed first before the procedure. I generally enjoyed my RevLite experience and if given the chance, I'd definitely do it again! :)

To know more about Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines, 
visit their website: http://www.aip.com.ph/
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AIP is located at 15 Eisenhower St. Greenhills, San Juan MM

This post was sponsored by Aesthetics Institute of the Philippines but all opinions and thoughts are my own.


  1. Haha will check this out pag uwi ko...pwede mo bang ibulobg sakin ang price pra prepared ako...😊 thanks sa pagshare #akonamalandi...😊

  2. Wow! I would love to try that too! I never had the chance to come back anymore eh! :)

    1. It's really good especially few days after the treatment. But now, my pimples went back to visibility. :(

    2. Hi Denise. You mean, the pimple marks that you had before the procedure is visible again? So, the effect is only good for a few days? I was planning to try this treatment pa naman sana. :(

    3. No. I had new pimples. Perhaps, it's my hormones and it has nothing to do with RevLite's efficacy. My previous comment meant that sayang yung treatment 'cause I got new pimples.