20 January 2014

Do you want to build a snowman?

I haven't seen a post on Facebook, Twitter or blogs that said something against the movie Frozen. It's that good! No, it is superbly amazing! To be honest, at first, I didn't like the "texture" of the movie. It's kinda dark and dreary and cold. But hey, it's supposed to be like that 'cause it is frozen. Right? What I like most about it though are the story and music. The music, the songs  it were all awesome! Actually, one LSS-worthy song from the movie is Princess Ana's Do You Want to Build a Snowman. So much so that there were approximately more than 50 videos (covers and lyrics) of it on YouTube! One video stood out with over 500k plus hits. Watch this incredible cover by AJ Rafael, Jadyn, Justin and Marilu Bustamante. Btw, they are Filipinos.

AJ Rafael is an American musician of Filipino descent and Internet celebrity. Originating from Moreno Valley, California, United States he is best known for his original songs such as "When We Say" and "We Could Happen". (source: Wikipedia) You can subscribe to his channel here.

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  1. I also love Frozen :) i wanted to watch it over and over again! the story and music was so awesome. I already watched it twice in a row..but my husband complains..so il watch it again maybe next week :) hehe