21 January 2014

Barbie: The Mommy

Pia now drinks fresh milk; two times a day, once in the morning and another at night before bedtime. Before that though, she used to take formula milk. When she turned 3, from her pricey brand, I switched her to Nido 3+. So yes, I love the brand. I can proudly say that. Anyway, this is Nido's new campaign for its 3+ category featuring Barbie Almalbis and Sharon Cuneta singing the refreshed version of the commercial jingle, "You're My Number One". I like Barbie's musicality ever since... ever since her Torpe days in 1998. Yup, aside from BSB and Moffatts, I listened to someone like her. It's thrilling to now see her as a doting mom, she makes motherhood ultra cool. As for Ms. Sharon, well... there's so much air, so much air in her voice! And it's vibrating, as always. Hahaha. But hey, she has four awesome children. I think she's a megamom. But sorry, not sorry — Barbie nailed this song and video. Do you agree? Please say you do. Oh well, let's sing along. ♡

*nope, this is not a sponsored post.

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