06 January 2014



I will write a new year post and formally welcome you here for 2014 when I am done collecting myself from the monstrous frenzy of the past holidays. Also, my husband's back to work today. My friend's right, I will never get used to the routine of him leaving on his last day of vacation. I always get sick once he left the house, never fails. I'm typing this down with painful joints (despite a full body massage last night), feverish body and clogged nose. But what the heck, I miss the blog. I miss the little interaction with you, royalties. Really. ♡

Today, I am copying a feature from one of my blogging idols. I emailed her about this 'cause I have so much respect in her that I felt the need to do it before putting it live. So yes, this is Bleubird's 52 Weeks: “a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.” In my case, I do not own a badass DSLR, I am not a professional photographer and I only have a daughter. But I'd give this a shot. As a reader, I like how I saw her children's beautiful transition from what they have been from week 1 to week 52. This is mommy journal-ing to the highest levelz. 

From this post onward, LB will be called Pia. That's what family and friends call her; might as well have her called here the same. After all, you queens are my cyber pals. 


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Pia had her FIRST salon experience yesterday (Sunday). I was not expecting that there'll be a flood of customers at the nearby salon where I frequently go, so we looked for somewhere empty. We went to a franchise of Artista Salon. It was the most annoying beautifying place I've ever been to! No wonder it was empty. Grrr. I don't know how they define beautiful. Oh well, you'd really get what you paid for. Not gonna rant though, we're chill here. Hehehe. So there, I had Pia's hair trimmed by an inch; just simply removing the irritating flown away ends. We'll let it grow, at least until she turns 7. After that, she can decide on what she wants to do with her 'do. Or maybe I can persuade her to have other styles in the future. I'm her mom, I know better (ugh, I sounded like my own mom). For now, I'm letting her enjoy this very kikay stage where she herself doesn't want to see her ears sticking out. Hence, the mane's length. 

51 left to complete this project. What can you say? ♡

Special thanks to Rhiza of Chasing Dreams. All this time, I thought it was Bleubird who started this project, but it was actually Jodi of Practising Simplicity. I now have a new favorite blog to read!


  1. Me likey the idea of one photo a week! :) Will do this too - gaya-gaya mode lang. Hehe. My daughter had her first haircut in a neighborhood 'salon'. In short kina Ate Lisa. Hehe. And I love how she really knows her way around hair - sulit na sulit sa 40 pesos. Since hubby doesn't want my little girl to ever have her hair short, at least for as long as he has a say on it, she only gets a trim every six months or so, the trim does wonders for her air, gumaganda tubo. :) It's fun seeing her play around with her hair too, with crowns, clips, clip-on stuff, and a hairbrush every single day in front of the mirror. :D Aliw. Looking forward to more of your posts this year!

    1. You can also do this on Instagram or Facebook! It's fun! And I plan to print out all the photos I took and place it an album. ♡

  2. favorite feature ko din yun sa kanya :) minsan paa lang ang naca-capture pero sobrang ganda. and i salute you for sending her an email before you do it. :D

    1. Check Practising Simplicity, too. She was the one who started it all! ♡