24 January 2014

10 Commandments to Consistently Get Along with an Abstract-Sequential Child

I got Pia's Developmental Assessment Checklist and her narrative report last week. Her head teacher, TS, said that my little popstar's love for music has clearly manifested this past 2nd trimester. He said that she can identify pitch and tone well; enjoyed the dance rehearsals for their school's Christmas presentation and showed interest in performing Math activities. On top of it all, she got a lot of WMs or well-mastered scores in the Social-Affective category of her progress report. I'm very honest about my child's tendency to be a spoiled brat, so to be told that she now has learned to reach out and mingle with her classmates is a big deal for me. 

In the narrative report, TS included Cynthia Ulrich Tobias' 10 commandments that parents may follow to constantly get along with an Abstract-Sequential child (or person) like my daughter ―

1. Thou shalt have specific goals when dealing with her; 
2. Thou shalt use logic and reason; 
3. Thou shalt listen to what she has to say; 
4. Thou shalt give her a job, leave her alone, and let her do it; 
5. Thou shalt be complete and thorough; 
6. Thou shalt be deliberate; 
7. Thou shalt keep issues factual; 
8. Thou shalt give her time to research projects for the best approach; 
9. Thou shalt make certain she understands the purpose of the project; and 
10. Thou shalt not expect for immediate response ― she needs time to think and research.

I was nodding at each and every commandment when I read it because it was all so her! She's a very "why person". Commandment #2: noted! The last parental suggestion is where I usually get possessed, I call it the hulk attack ― yup, the green mad monster. This will be a bit tough 'cause I want things done pronto (hello, queens hate waiting lol). But... a mom must be patient; no buts, no what ifs, no whys. I'm glad that Pia's school doesn't just issue report cards but clearly discusses her strengths and weaknesses with me, her parent. I think all schools, traditional or progressive, should do this as well. After all, our children's teacher is our parenting partner. ♡

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PPS: Trivia  I think I'm a Concrete-Random kid.


  1. Natuwa naman ako with how her progress is reported every period. up-to-date ka talaga sa ginagawa niya sa school and you've been learning a lot too. well, I'm not satisfied with Eli's school. I think moms of his classmates agree on this too. I'm not against them naman, I'm just not satisfied.

    1. Sayang naman din kasi pagiging SAHM ko if I'm not updated. And I think every parent, SAHM, WAHM or working, must be involved in her child's development. You should look for another school for Eli next school year. Try PSS! ;)