20 October 2012

Sophia's Happy Bread Day!

Gardenia Philippines made this day their Happy Bread Day in celebration of the World Bread Day, which was created by Union of Bakers and Bakers-Confectioners, an organization of bakers from across the globe whose members were from places where bread plays a prominent role in people’s diet. Gardenia Philippines held their event at Eastwood City, Libis in Quezon City. We were not there to attend the full-of-free-breads event but we celebrated it at home in our own way.

Grabbed from Gardenia Philippines' Facebook fan page
Sophia was absent when her class had a sandwich-making activity. I was sick that day and thought it was just flu, but it was already a symptom of having a ruptured ectopic pregnancy; so she didn't experience making her own sandwich with her own little hands.

Photo c/o  Primemont Science School
When I saw the photos in Primemont Science School's FB fan page, I felt a bit bad for my little girl. So I made a mental note that I will teach her how to make her own sandwich at home.

I think spreading the jam is a good practice to making palitada the semento. Haha!
And I did. We made it today in time for Gardenia Philippines' Happy Bread Day! Of course, we used Gardenia white bread and the family's favorite spread --- peanut butter! When I instructed Sophia to not leave any white spaces when applying the PB, she excitingly replied with "that's what Teacher Lois said!" She was amazed at how I made my sandwich looked neat so she asked for my help. I refused and told her to do what she can and she did good. 

Because she was seated and can't make her signature kendeng pose, she gave me that neck. :)
She didn't want another bread to put on the other with the spread so she ate it just like that, like a pizza. Technically, it was not a sandwich. But I was happy to see that we did something new for her today. Happy Bread Day, everyone! :)


  1. We went to Eastwood yesterday for this event. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, they were packing up already. :(

    Ang cute nung last photo ni Sophia!

  2. Awww, sayang naman. Dami sanang free breads nun for sure. Thanks! That's her signature pose aside from the kendeng one she always does. :)