21 October 2012

Pastillas De Leche for Lazy Mudrabelles

I am so looking forward to live the barriotic way for a few days and my kumare already seduced me with all things probinsiya. Ooh, lesser pollution! Of course, the air must smell like carabao's poop, or goat's or dog's. Basta at least hindi amoy tambucho. And yes, I even told my kumare, who by the way was my Bourne Legacy date before, that she should prepare like a welcome basket for turista with all the food that they have in their purok. Bet ko itong ganitong event, I feel so Manila girl. Duh. Rizal kaya ako nakatira. Feelingera. Haha! Anyways, I was craving for suman with latik and she said they always have it there. I also drooled for pastillas de leche and so asked Ate Maritess (the new help) to look for it, yung mamiso. But she didn't find one. I scoured the net for the easiest way to do it, and some food entusiasts are making it so complicated for me. Until MIL (buti na lang she's being helpful lately) suggested that I try the rhas pakielamera spirit, it's ecipe of one of the people in her office that was given to her. Ay naku, it was so dali! I didn't follow the exact measurements though and again, trusted my instincts. If you want to try, tanchahan system works! Here's what you would need:


- powdered milk {I used Bear Brand, yun ata pinakamura!}
- condensed milk {I am a Carnation condensada parokyano but Ate Maritess bought Alaska, keri na din}
- white sugar 
- lemon / calamansi zest {zest - epidermis ng lemon or calamansi, don't grate the white part --- mapait!}
- margarine {ay, I forgot to put this, meaning okay lang kahit wala}


1) Get a mixing bowl and put the powdered milk. I felt like a pro when I made a volcano-like kiyeme. Wow, baker ang peg.

2) In the hole of that volcano-like kiyeme, pour the condensed milk. Fold (yan ang term naming mga baker, hello!) or just mix the two together. When I realized I've put too much condensed milk and ran out of Bear Brand powdered milk, I added LB's Nido 3+. In all fairness, masarap ang milk ng bagets.

3) Add the lemon / calamansi zest. It makes so much difference when you have this. It gives that tangy taste. Naks, I sounded like a Top Chef judge. No, honestly, hindi nakakaumay.

My Little Kitchen Helper.
Mas marami ata siyang natapon kesa sa nagawa namin (-_-)
4) Forever mix it until it has formed into somehow a creamier version of masilya (for my elite readers: it's cement putty)

5) Refrigerate for an hour or two. I forgot this step at first that's why I wonder why it was sticking like shit in my hands. Ay sus, you need to put it in the pridjider pala. 

6) Facebook first or watch or poop or better, play with your kid. Basta, make use of your time while waiting for the pastillas to mature. Mas mabilis sila mag-mature kesa sa karamihan ng lalaking kilala ko. :D

7) Check if it's not as sticky as shit anymore. When it feels like Playdoh na, ready to rock & roll na yan.

8) Form it in any shape you like, in any size. Then parang bagong magkasintahan na pagulong-gulungin mo sa damuhan  este  sa white sugar. 

9) When you are finished na, you can wrap it in pink paper (okay, any color!) like the ones you see in the stores; or just like mine, I placed it in a plastic container shown in the first photo (it's not BPA-free, am I a bad mother already? Hihi). Or para tipid sa hugasin, pop it straight to your kanina-pa-naglalaway na mouth.

For more of my recipes, click here. Happy cooking! 


  1. It smells like dayami coz its harvest time. Pwede ng maghabulan sa bukid. You can have all kinds of suman here Mare. I'm so hexcited! See you soon :)

    1. Ay sayang, wala akong outfit na pambukid. Haha! :D

  2. ndi nakakaumay na pagtuturo sa paggawa ng pastillas.. madali lang pla sya. hehehe.

    1. Yes, Istin! Para ka lang nagluluto-lutuan. :)

  3. Hindi pala mahirap gawin?! This is perfect for sem break. Might as well teach the kids. Thanks for posting.

  4. Kaya pala pag gumagawa ako ng pastillas dusa talaga sa sobrang lagkit, kailangan ko pala yung step #5. Thanks Ms. Bebeng for sharing :)

  5. Love the step #8...magkasintahan na pagulong-gulong sa damuhan....the most funny cooking session ever... <3 it!..:)

  6. Bet ko yung step number 6. Saka mas naintindihan ko tong recipe mo kase mej makems ka maginstruct. =))