10 August 2012

In Sickness & In Health

I've been on a bed arrest for a day and did not do anything online, not even on my phone. That means, no checking of email, no Facebook, no Twitter, no joining of blog giveaways, no blogging, and most of all, no RSVP-ing to the two events I should have been attending to today. The said events are the New Beginnings' Progressive Parenting Talk in partnership with Glam-O-Mamas and the The Bourne Legacy special screening in Shang Cineplex, made possible by Nuffnang & Mandaue Foam. I got the Progressive Parenting Talk pass just by registering in Glam-O-Mamma's website. I won the Bourne Legacy tickets for two by blogging about Mandaue Foam which you can see here.
I was really disappointed to the author of this blog yesterday when I can't even get up to fetch myself a glass of water. I was dizzy & vomiting. I hate being sick. So even if my nose is still dripping something I abhor to smell & see, I turn on the pink machine and told myself to tell the two events' organizer that I can't go.

I first checked my Yahoo inbox and saw that the representative of Nuffnang Philippines sent me a priority email telling me that the special screening has been moved to tomorrow; and that instead of an evening screening, it will be shown at four in the afternoon. Did I hear myself say, "Yay!"? Oh, indeed. HAO won't be able to come home since there are more important events this coming September so he refused to be my date. Ugh, a rejection from his royal highness. I told him I need to find myself a movie date, and that it'll be a girl. So I got my kumareng Chique Madriaga-Ramos, also an army wife and LB's godmother to be my movie date. Thank heavens her husband was supportive that he's willing to wait for us tagging along their barely a-year-old daughter Elyanna. Another "Yay" moment for me because it's my first time to see the little bouncy girl in person. :)

Then opened my Facebook account --- whoa! Five messages and 30+ notifications. I received a message from New Beginnings that they have postponed the talk today and its new schedule will be announced soon. I gave myself a pat in the back. I told myself I don't need to worry about little things such as these. I will also be grateful to share God still loves me & my family that I only had a fever that hiked up to 38.5 and not a flood that some of my fellow Luzon residents experienced.

Along with the new schedule of the The Bourne Legacy is an announcement to bring relief goods such as old clothes, canned food, etc to help the victims of the monsoon rain. I might bring some old clothes as I have packed and unpacked mine to my fear of experiencing yet another Ondoy in our place. This is also a chance to clear our closet & help those who need dry clothes.

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