25 August 2012

Hello Kitty Forever

In my I ♥ Hello Kitty post, I have told you how my fondness with the royal feline started. Now that Sophia's aware of her existence, I am going a bit crazier about that kikay kitten, especially that there will be a big event in NBC Tent tomorrow - er, later. I won't be there, sadly. How frustrating. 

n their Sanrio Gift Gate Philippines Facebook fan page, they have posted teasers as to how much the items were priced for the warehouse sale. And it made me feel more thwarted. I know that we have enough Hello Kitty items everywhere in the house that one can tell that we're fans, but I really can't help not to buy things that has HK's face. 

You get me, right?

Anyway, let me show you evidences of my fanaticism.

The picture above shows how I have influenced my little girl. After each artwork, they were asked on what they would name it. I gasped and giggled when I saw that she named it after our purr-vorite. 

I think her teachers had noticed that we like HK so much that they helped her in one of her artworks as shown above. It is not that clear though, since it is posted on a glass wall and Mr. Sun was showing off that day.

These pillows fill in R's absence, heehee. They crowd the bed so much that makes the kitten masters uncomfortable. Sophia's currently not really a pillow person. She doesn't even like to use blankets. She only wants to see these before she sleeps.

All stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs), or moms per se must use a coin purse! Agree? It's easier to bring along than a bulky wallet. It's not attractive to the snatcher's eyes, you know. The picture below shows my tiangge HK coin purse together with the tissue holder MIL gave Sophia some years ago. When my husband's home, he leaves the poor tissue holder empty - such a badass nose-picking ninja! :p

The following photos below are what my thoughtful friends posted in my Facebook account. See, they know I super love Hello Kitty! ♥

Few days from now, I'll be turning 28 and I have thought of a birthday wish. I know that you'd say that I'm wishing that someone would give me anything HK, but no. I only wish for is that Sophia will learn and will always remember to wear her slippers. Because it's infuriating to remind her about it all the time. Sorry, our HK slippers from Banana Peel are dirty in this photo. 

Sharing Hello Kitty Madness with my husband at a wedding we attended last month. Someone loves pussies, lol!

Beyond my penchant to the mouth-less feline, it is the bond that I share with the people I love because of HK that makes it very special. Meow! ♥ 

PS - Forget about the birthday wish. If you'd like to send an HK item, I will be more than glad to accept it! xo

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  1. Hi po alam mo were the same i like hello kitty too, please do check my blog post if you like