11 May 2012

Orange Away the Colds at Bay

One of the most "natural" ways for colds to go away!
Philippines has only two weather conditions --- rainy & sunny. Yes, right? A smart 5th-grader can disagree if typhoon is another type of weather. But whatever it is that the country has, we are prone to having colds due to allergens (which are due to pollutants that are in default settings with our lovely Republic). No, I am not here to advertise any non-drowsy allergy-relief medicine. Though I will if they will ask me to do it. Of course, let's talk if the medium is Php. Hahaha. As if. Well, I may be a modern mom, but I make sure that we will not depend on drugs whenever we feel sick. I have this sort of "barrio lass" inside me, going organic. Like, I used to try on boiling oregano leaves and making my little daughter drink its juice when she has cough. But I just can't make her get used to it. 'Cause I can't even drink it myself! So I concede, I just make her take a Lagundi-based cough syrup, a lesser evil than something so drug-ish. So when she has colds, her usual sickness (thank God!) aside from bruises & burns (LB is a little Parkour athlete), I just tell her to drink lots of water and I encourage her to do her own OJ. Mmm, yes, I finish all the tasks of doing so but I make her feel she did it all by herself. Fellow parents, Nido Milk is true to their words that the time you say YES to your children is the time they start learning. 

LB posing with her almost-full glass of fresh OJ
(which is actually a sunkist. ;p)
So here, even if it's a bit messy and there's more juice that'd gone to waste than what she actually poured in the glass, I'm proud of LB. That means, she really wanted to get well the soonest and that she trusts me. When I tell her to finish her milk so she'll become taller, she does. So when I told her to drink her OJ so she'd get well immediately and that I won't be there to take care of her 'cause I'll be at the office, she drank it in one count. I couldn't utter a better phrase to praise her, but a modest & uncool "Great job Pia!". Oh shucks, perks of motherhood. How about you?


  1. I hope she gets well soon. ^_^

  2. Hi Mommy Mina! Wala na po sakit daughter ko ngayon. And hindi din siya nagkaron ng mataas na fever. Sakto lang. But thanks po. :)

  3. True! Natural loading of vit.C is always the best! Love this post! :)


    1. Yes, and chug down at least 8 glasses of water a day! :)